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June 16, 2017
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Alfredo del Mazo: “We defeated Delfina for almost 168,000 votes”

Alfredo del Mazo Maza, assured that the difference that gave the triumph according to the PREP on Delfina Gómez was of almost 168 thousand votes.


Alfredo del Mazo: “We defeated Delfina for almost 168,000 votes”

Alfredo-del-Mazo-1024x572 (1)Alfredo-del-Mazo-1024x572 (1)
In an interview with Joaquín López Dóriga for Radio Fórmula last June 5th, Alfredo Del Mazo assured that the difference given by the PREP over Delfina Gómez was for almost 168,000 votes.

The data in this Fact Checking will concern exclusively to the PREP showed on June 5th in its last pre-results at 1 pm, which gave a decisive advantage to the PRI’s candidate over Morena’s. This because while these lines are being written, the counting of suffrages at IEEM is happening to give clarity to the electoral result, and also as a result of Morena’s impugnments.

Authorities will have to underpin the numbers shown below, in the meantime, we will stick to the ones given by the PREP’s official site. First of all, we must remember that this is only about preliminary results, and its numbers are merely statistical.

Another point that the reader has to consider, and which general lack of knowledge has been shown in social networks as a mathematical fact to argue an electoral fraud, is that the PREP DOES NOT count the votes but it captures and publishes the information taken from the acts of calculation and scrutiny by the citizens that participate as box officers, according to the INE’s official site.

Something unknown for the most of the people who publish pictures of the process as well as the forms on the social networks and which is highly important to highlight, is that the representatives of each political party have a copy of such forms that allows to collate the data published by the PREP. Besides, it is not the final result of the voting and it doesn’t replace the district calculations.

The site of the PREP’s state report 2017 counts 1’955,347 “votes” for Alfredo Del Mazo, this is 33.7212% out of the total number of suffrages, which was 5’798,557.

On the other side, Morena’s candidate, Delfina Gómez got 1’786,962 “suffrages”, which represents 30.8173% out of the total.

Al restar a la cantidad de votos de Alfredo del Mazo los votos de Delfina Gómez, el resultado fue de 168,385 sufragios.

After deducting from Del Mazo’s suffrages, the votes of Delfina Gómez, the result was 168,385 suffrages.

Grupo Fórmula. AMLO busca construir destruyendo; resultados claramente nos dan el triunfo Del Mazo Con López Dóriga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wov8EAaXhtE Consultado el 7 de junio de 2017.
Instituto Elector
al del Estado de México. Reporte Estatal PREP 2017. http://prep-edomex-2017.proceso.com.mx/rptDistrital.html Consultado el 8 de junio de 2017.

Alfredo Del Mazo said literally that “almost 168,000 votes” were the advantage over Morena. In the calculation, it is confirmed that they were more than 168,000 votes, this could be because of an attempt of the candidate to seem modest.

It can be confirmed by a simple mathematical operation that the statement made by Del Mazo to López Dóriga was TRUE.


By: Héctor Castañeda


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