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December 17, 2019
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December 17, 2019

Were 30,000 food baskets actually delivered?

Unverifiable – Questionable

Were 30,000 food baskets actually delivered?



The data:

During his First Government Report, Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez said that 30,000 food baskets were delivered to Toluqueños through the “Capital that nourishes” program.


"Capital that nourishes" was a program of the municipal government focused on the neighbors over 18 years of age living in areas of social vulnerability in one of the Toluca delegations, which are in poverty, attending in this case, the item of food deficiency.

The delivery of the supports was made in two exhibitions, the first one, which is possible to verify, through a note made by the website tolucalabellacd.com. This delivery was carried out on June 22, 2019, in the Metropolitan Park Bicentennial of Toluca, where the first 15 thousand supports were granted. But, the question is that the number of beneficiaries attending is not detailed, so it is not possible to calculate how many people were awarded.


It is probable that 30 thousand supports of the “Capital that nourishes” program has been delivered, however, since there is no physical document or endorsement both in the City Council and on the Internet and that justifies the said amount, it is Qualification: Unverifiable - Questionable.

Sources consulted:

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By: Víctor Jiménez González


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