June 6, 2017
Alfredo del Mazo: “We defeated Delfina for almost 168,000 votes”
June 16, 2017

PRI loses through winning, Morena takes 23 “key” districts from the metropolitan area away from PRI


Morena’s “red burnt” literally swept through the most populous municipalities of the conurbation zone, snatching authentic PRI strongholds like Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla, while the tricolor barely won in 18 district demarcations.


PRI loses through winning, MORENA takes 23 “key” districts from the metropolitan area away from PRI

The Program for Preliminary Results for the state ballots concluded by giving to the PRI’s candidate (Alfredo Del Mazo) an advantage over Morena’s (Delfina Gómez), which in a historical day, grew exponentially in the metropolitan area of the Mexico’s Valley by winning 23 out of 45 districts.
Morena’s “burnt red”, literally razed the other parties in the most inhabited municipalities of the conurbation, taking authentic bastions of PRI such as Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla, while the tricolor party (PRI) barely won in 18 district demarcations.

As part of the PRI’s debacle after the elections on June 4th, the tricolor party lost 11 districts out of the 13 which cover the highest demographic concentration in the entity, since Morena got the 4 districts -6, 8, 21 and 22- of Ecatepec, which represents a hard strike to the governor Eruviel Ávila, where his greatest strength was trusted and he was mayor twice.

Besides everything Morena took away from PRI 2 districts in Tlalnepantla, as well as 2 districts out of 3 in Naucalpan, the same ones where six years ago, Enrique Peña’s PRI overwhelmed with a wide margin –and fixed laws- the opposition.
But Morena didn’t just wound “fatally” the PRI’s shaky hegemony, since PRI managed to keep its superiority in 2 districts of Toluca, the voting in its favor got reduced dramatically in a half in comparison of 2011’s elections.

e.g. in District 1, PRI got 63.44% and 64.98% in District 2 on the elections of 2011, that is to say 80,964 and 113,690 votes respectively, however, on June 4th PRI got only 39,843 suffrages on Toluca’s District 1 and 50,292 vote in District 34, it is worth to remember that in 2016, the districts were restructured.
On the other hand, and in practical terms, for the last elections, PRI got 1’995,347 votes according to the PREP, while in 2011, Eruviel Ávila got a comfortable margin of 3’018,588 suffrages; the difference between PRI’s candidates is 1’023,000 votes.

Tricolor’s misfortune also came from the other fronts, e.g. PRD took other districts away from PRI (districts 24, 25, 41 in Nezahualcóyotl), which were comfortably won in 2011; while PAN took Naucalpan’s district 29, also won by PRI six years ago.


By: Mary Delgado


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