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August 15, 2019
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August 17, 2019

Subjects involved in extortion and burning of units are arrested

Subjects involved in extortion and burning of units are arrested


Subjects involved in extortion and burning of units are arrested

August 16th, 2019

Two young people of just 18 and 20 years were arrested by elements of the municipal police of Ecatepec, after stripping their belongings to passengers and operator of a public transport unit, which apparently are linked to extortion and burning of vehicles in the municipalities of Tecámac and Zumpango.

The detainees, who circulated armed on board a black motorcycle with red on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, at the height of the Los Héroes Ecatepec colony, were identified as Jhony Brandon “N”, 18 years old and Jordi Roberto “N ”Of 20, both domiciled in the municipality of Zumpango.

The subjects were insured after the driver of a public service RAM truck requested the support of elements of the Directorate of Public Security and Transit of Ecatepec, since two armed subjects had threatened him to strip him of his belongings.

The elements initiated the persecution of the alleged assailants, who reached meters ahead, finding the weapon and the objects that had previously stolen from the passenger vehicle. Both were made available to the Public Prosecutor's agent assigned to the Prosecutor's Office specialized in crimes committed against transport, where they said they belonged to the band "Del Diablo" and have participated in extortion against dealers of the San Juan Zitlaltepec routes and Tecámac, known as 'Las Brujas'.

Authorities of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico investigate their alleged participation in the burning of public service units that have been registered in recent weeks in these municipalities and the Mexico City.

It should be noted that the capture of both subjects was derived thanks to the implementation of the “Ecatepec Seguro” operation in which municipal elements and the State Prosecutor's Office participate.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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