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July 21, 2020

Thousands of unjustly imprisoned people crowd the jails in Edomex

The creation of culprits by corrupt public ministries in collusion with unethical judges is about to overflow before the enormous number of innocent prisoners  #AmnestyLawWhatServe


Thousands of unjustly imprisoned people crowd the jails in Edomex

July 16th, 2020

During the start of the third regular session of the local Legislature, relatives of persons deprived of liberty (PPL) demanded an Amnesty Law for the state of Mexico, which serves to free the "unjustly prisoners."

"We do not ask for kidnappers to be removed, we do not ask for murderers to be removed, we ask that they review the cases of our relatives who are accused of those crimes that they did not commit," said Antonio Candelaria, father of an acting student, sentenced to 43 years of prison, no evidence against him

"My son Antonio was a student at the University of London, his mistake was going to a shopping center, where they detained him, tortured him, held him incommunicado for three days, we filed an act for misplacement, accused him of kidnapping and extortion," he recalled.

According to a study by the Zeferino Ladrillero Human Rights Center (CDHZL), in the 22 state prisons, there are approximately 30,000 inmates and in more than half of the cases there are indications that they are innocent.

The coordinator of the CDHZL, Antonio Lara Duque, reported that crimes are manufactured in the Mexican entity, especially high impact so that the authorities can give positive figures on fighting crime and presume the "efficiency" of the procurement and delivery system of Justice.

“The fact that there is someone innocent in prison also generates impunity, because the person who committed the crime remains free, it is not about numbers, it is about access to justice and that the guilty are in prison and the innocents are protected, released "He expressed.

Most of the people who are victims of this bad practice are detained before the arrest warrant is issued, they are held incommunicado, tortured, and exhibited in the media to criminalize them.

The most affected, he said, are the poor, young people, those with a low educational level or indigenous people, for this reason, the proposed Amnesty Law for the state of Mexico by the CDHZL aims to release the people deprived of liberty who were victims. of structural discrimination.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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