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Ecatepec Donate three properties for a base of the National Guard

The arrival of 400 items is expected


Ecatepec Donate three properties for a base of the National Guard

July 1st, 2019

At the proposal of the municipal president of Ecatepec, Fernando Vilchis, councilors and trustees approved the donation of three lands that will house the National Guard in the municipality.

Meanwhile, the arrival of 400 troops of the corporation that entered into operations nationwide this Sunday is expected.

With 20 votes in favor and 2 abstentions, the building body decided that the issue of security for the ecatepenses goes beyond political issues, so they backed the initiative of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At the end of the voting, Vilchis Contreras stood up to applaud the majority decision, since: "in this way Ecatepec sends a solid message about his fervent desire to participate in the transformation of the country."

By prior request of the building body, said request will be forwarded to the Property Commission, where it will be determined that the donation of said properties comply with the process of reversal and legal disincorporations before passing into the hands of the federal government.

Vilchis informed that the election of the lands fell entirely to federal authorities. So that as municipal representatives they will be exempt from the operation of the bases.

He indicated that it was Sedena who was in charge of verifying that the lands met the specifications necessary for the completion of the work that will be borne by the federal government.


The properties consist of three areas of 3 thousand 750 square meters; thousand 679.92 square meters and 6 thousand 500 meters, which are a total of 20, 700 square meters.

The land is located in the Haciendas Y Parques de Aragón neighborhood.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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