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Sale on public roads of cell phones, beer and spare parts is banned

The measure seeks to discourage illegal acts in Ecatepec, warns Mayor Fernando Vilchis


Sale on public roads of cell phones, beer and spare parts is banned

June 30th, 2019

The mayor of Ecatepec, Fernando Vilchis Contreras, announced that it would prohibit the sale of cell phones, alcoholic beverages and automotive parts in the street market of the municipality, whose origin in many cases is unknown and may be the result of theft.

During the Third Session of the Cabildo Abierto, held at the Ehécatl Ecological Park with the theme of public safety, the mayor indicated that trade will be regulated on public roads to discourage illegal acts in the municipality.

During the session, citizens made proposals to improve public safety in the municipality, which will be reviewed by the building body. The mayor reported that one of the important decisions that the council will take will be to review the municipal regulations to prohibit the sale of cell phones, beer, and automotive parts used in the street market of Ecatepec, which will help in the fight against insecurity. In addition, 300 cadets will soon be incorporated into the municipal police.

Currently, there are more than 300 markets on wheels throughout the municipal territory.

Vilchis Contreras said that public safety must be built with the effort of all citizens, a problem that cannot be fought only with more police and patrols, but with the participation of society and mainly with the inculcation of values in children and youth.

During the Third Session of the Cabildo Abierto, held at the Ehécatl Ecological Park, the building body of Ecatepec received proposals from the population to improve the security strategies in the municipality.

Máximo Allende María, Jonathan Chávez González and Daniel Iñaki Valtierra, residents of Ecatepec, made proposals to improve the response time and the effectiveness of the municipal police, as well as to promote citizen participation in the matter.

Máximo Allende María, an inhabitant of the Colonia Ejidos de San Cristóbal and academic advisor of the FES Acatlán, proposed naming in all the streets of the municipality, since this will improve the operability and the response time of the police, having the location exact of the incidents.

In addition, he raised the creation of "Neighbors in Chain", so that through the Councils of Citizen Participation (Copacis) groups are created, in which there is coexistence among those who inhabit a street and thus preserve traditions. In addition to the police training to the population on security issues, supplemented by the placement of neighborhood alarms connected to the Command Center (C-4) of the municipal police.

Jonathan Chávez González, 22 years old, student of the ninth semester of Law Degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), presented the creation of "Youth Forums", where attendees are trained in security, and promote their leadership to create a chain of knowledge that replicates the information. It also encouraged the councilors to create a Youth Council to generate projects and public policies aimed at young people.

Another participant was Daniel Iñaki Valtierra, chronicler of the colony San Agustín, who said that it is necessary to appoint the head of the Public Security and Municipal Transit Directorate, to train the elements of the corporation in Human Rights and in procedures according to the Law, in addition to performing an antidoping test. Martha Beatriz May Escamilla, in charge of the Unit of Attention to Victims, and Diana Guadalupe Oropeza Mejía, head of the Search Cell, both of the Coordination of Citizen Services of the municipal police, explained to the citizens the way of acting of each group , besides how and where to approach to ask for support.

Vilchis Contreras acknowledged the contributions of the participants and instructed that the proposals be passed to the corresponding committees, for evaluation and called on the society to take actions from their homes to improve the current conditions of the municipality.

"Not only the Ecateparte society was abandoned in past administrations, but an entire institution, central part of the axis of any government, security, was also abandoned, so today we are taking up this enormous task and we also require the whole of society," he said.

The municipal reported that derived from security strategies implemented, currently in Ecatepec reduced the crime of vehicle theft with violence and in the coming days will be inaugurated the Unit for Attention to Victims of Violence.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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