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June 19, 2019
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Important that participating representatives compromise with citizenship: IEEM

Efren Ortiz Álvarez, Representative of New Alliance State of Mexico before the General Council of IEEM said that to consolidate democracy respect for minorities is necessary


IImportant that participating representatives compromise with citizenship: IEEM

June 19th, 2019

When the popular representatives act in an unethical and immoral way, there is a departure from partisan militancy and discourages citizen participation in elections; therefore, they must be committed to conduct themselves in an ethical manner, comply with the law and with their promises, said Efren Ortiz Álvarez, Representative of the New Alliance of the State of Mexico before the General Council of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM).

By participating in the series "Political parties and their commitment to democracy" of the IEEM program Behind your vote, the party representative stressed that political ethics is the set of actions of those in positions of popular representation or who have a responsibility as public officials and execute and make decisions always looking for social welfare.

He said that to combat political disaffection, his political institute provides training to citizens to know the political system in Mexico, how an election is organized, how to participate and what is the role and responsibility of political parties with society. He explained that promote the participation of the people in democratic life and make possible their access to power.

In an interview conducted by Elizabeth García, a reporter for the Evolución newspaper, the representative of Nueva Alianza Estado de México said that clientelistic practices must be ended, that is, when people instead of proposals, want groceries; then the citizenship must reflect on this because it is in them to change the way in which politics is done in the country.

He indicated that in order to consolidate democracy, the tolerance of those who are now the majority is necessary. Also, they must understand that democracy is the coexistence of different currents of thought and interests and respect for minorities.

Regarding gender equality, he mentioned that his party since 2013, one year before the 2014 electoral reform came into force, established in its statutes the gender parity both horizontally and vertically, for which they were the first institute politician in applying this right.

Finally, he stressed that to encourage the emergence of new leaders it is important to end old practices such as the dedazo or the methods of selection of manipulated candidates. So you have to approach the citizenship and give it representativeness.

It is worth mentioning that with the participation of Efrén Ortiz Álvarez the series "Political parties and their commitment to democracy" concluded, which was transmitted by the electronic address www.ieem.org.mx and through the social network YouTube, where the partisan representatives presented their arguments about ethics and political parties.

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Traslator: Martín Caballero

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