May 26, 2017
PRI loses through winning, Morena takes 23 “key” districts from the metropolitan area away from PRI
June 16, 2017


June’s 4th vote’s price: Morena’s vote was the cheapest; the vote of the PES party, the most expensive one.



The cost of the vote submitted during the elections of last June 4th in the State of Mexico, was placed among the most expensive ones in the recent history, not only of the state but the country’s as well, considering the huge budget of 2,528’331,905 pesos, which was jointly invested on the electoral institutes to finance the organization of the process.

Taking in consideration the sum of the votes submitted during the elections to renovate the governorship and the investment’s amounts in public budget, the price was placed in 436.05 pesos; while the cost of the vote in 2015’s federal elections was placed in 330.48 pesos.

Likewise, the vote in that same year (2015) for the local process to renovate the Congress and the 125 state municipalities, had a cost of 548 pesos, due to the high abstentionism in such elections, which reached the 60%.
The “price” of the elections of last Sunday 4th of June, while it was one of the highest at state level in last years, got a bit diminished as it can be observed, due to the participation that overcame the average of 46%, since it got 52.50%, according to the Program of Preliminary Results (PREP in Spanish).

It is worth to mention too that, considering the sources’ budget assigned to each party for the state elections of the current year, it is a fact that the cheapest vote of the strife was the one that Morena party received, since it received funds for 89’239,228.84 pesos and an effective voting (without making any alliance) of 1’786,892 pesos; from that amount 49.94 pesos were invested per vote.

On the counterpart, the cost of PAN’s vote was 201.05 pesos; PRI’s vote cost 130.41 pesos (the party got a budget of 225’471,152.48 pesos); PRD’s vote cost 111.24 pesos; PT’s vote cost 647.69 pesos (despite its rachitic amount of votes) so this made it the most expensive one.

On the other hand, it must be reminded that the parties that only received funds without taking part of the elections, such as Movimiento Ciudadano (MC); and Partido Virtud Ciudadana which not only didn’t participate but also it launched a dirty campaign against other parties to demotivate the voting, going against nature of the political institutes themselves. In this way, MC collected 53’778,015 pesos; and Virtud Ciudadana obtained 11’337,724 pesos, in both cases, the use of such money hasn’t been justified yet.

In 2015 the vote in federal elections (to choose deputies and senators) had an average cost of 300.48 pesos; and in the state elections (to choose mayors and local deputies), 548 pesos.
In 2012, the vote submitted in the elections to choose local deputies and mayors cost 364.20 pesos, with a participation of 53.84%; and in 2011, in the elections to choose governor, the vote also cost 364.20 pesos. In such polls of 2011, the participation rate was 46.9%.


By: Tere Montaño


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