November 18, 2019
Edomex has not checked almost 3 MMDP before the ASF
November 21, 2019

Police of Metepec violently stops environmental activists


Municipal authorities of Metepec were responsible for the arrest


Police of Metepec violently stops environmental activists

November 21th, 2019

Through a live broadcast, members and neighbors of the La Pila Park defense movement, denounced a possible arbitrary detention of Veronica "N" and Guillermo "N", who are part of the movement, and that in turn went around 10 am this Thursday to the module of citizen attention of the City of Metepec to deliver a trade to continue the case of the park in question.

So far they continue outside the facilities of the Directorate of Public Safety and Traffic waiting to obtain some argument for the arrest, by the Director of the Agency, Esaú Eduardo Sánchez Sánchez.

In their live broadcast, the members of the movement said that the activists arrested were probably mistreated.

The videos can be found on the Facebook page, "Let's embrace Las Pilitas Park".

Finally, Diana Bobadilla, said she would go to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico FGJEM, to file a complaint for the act raised, which as they denounced, was an abuse of authority.

Víctor Jímenez

Translator: Martín Caballero

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