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February 26, 2019
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Zinacantepec’s government deploys panic buttons to shield commerce

It’s a program for formally established merchants and will be free


Zinacantepec’s government deploys panic buttons to shield commerce

February 25, 2019

Zinacantepec’s Major, Gerardo Nava Sanchez headed the presentation of the Safe Commerce program that includes panic buttons in order to answer in record time to the 911 help calls of over one thousand 500 shopkeepers established within the reach of the town hall monitoring cameras.

In front of the members of the town hall and the main governing board, the major highlighted that this program was planned in coordination with the command, control, computing, communication and civil contact centre (C5), as well as with direct participation from the shopkeepers, since ‘only through a combination of society and government we will be able to take the very best decision for the municipality of Zinacantepec’, he said.

Nava Sanchez pointed out that this program answers to one of the most requested demands of citizenship in terms of reassuring local establishments, wherewith a faster request and response of help to the local establishments will be possible through ‘panic buttons’

On his behalf, the manager of Economic development, Gerardo Paredes Gorostieta, mentioned that the Major is not only concerned about the shopkeepers’ security but is also looking forward to providing support. He added that this will be a free service that will take place under his administration.

Mary Delgado

Translator: Fabián Peñaloza

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