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March 31, 2017

Edomex a challenge with 17 million inhabitants: Alfredo del Mazo

Exagerated, that’s how the population’s figure mentioned by the PRI’s candidate to govern the State of Mexico looks like


Edomex a challenge with 17 million inhabitants: Alfredo del Mazo


Apparently, the candidate that leads the PRI-PVEM-NA coalition (Alfredo del Mazo) could have manipulated the official numbers, however, through a detailed research, it was found that according to the figures (in demographic matter) made by the Consejo Nacional de Población (Conapo; National Council of Population), the institute’s population’s prospectives for the 2010-2030 period indicate for the State of Mexico a population of 17’363,378 inhabitants for 2017, out of it, 8’484,208 will be men and 8’879,179 will be women.
Even though, it must be clarified that Alfredo del Mazo mentioned the figure for the first time in March, during the pre-campaign period, and the numbers of Conapo indicate that such figure or population’s level is thrown to be reached by the middle of the year according to what was consulted in the following link: http://www.conapo.gob.mx/es/CONAPO/Proyecciones_Datos
The curious thing about the topic is that the electoral platform registered by Alfredo del Mazo few days before his formal registration last April 2nd, was not calculated on the basis of Conapo’s projections but based on the official data from the population census made by INEGI (National Institute of Geography,
Statistics and Informatics), therefore is evident that the calculations made by the party in the government about the requirements, situation and requests from the state’s inhabitants would be based on exceeded demographical information.
INEGI’s official site
Conapo’s official site
IEEM, electoral platforms registered for the voting process 2017 GRADE:
Considering the point to analyze, the date in which the data and context of the process was pronounced, we can confirm that the most important info given by Alfredo del Mazo is TRUE.


By: María Teresa Montaño Delgado


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