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Some Municipalities enhance edicts with unprecedented actions, others do it badly…

Toluca, Metepec, Ecatepec y Neza are heading the leading edge actions


Some Municipalities enhance edicts with unprecedented actions, others do it badly…

February 5th, 2019

The municipal edicts of police and fair government for 2019 published this Tuesday by the town halls of the State of Mexico, incorporated cutting-edge and unprecedented measures in terms of Human Rights, natural environment and Public Administration.

Among the new measures, Metepec is outstanding by forcing its 63 malls to offer 30 minutes of free parking; also Toluca for banning the free use of plastic bags, as well as Ecatepec by removing abandoned vehicles from public ways.

From the unprecedented actions is worth highlighting the derogation to attack to the moral of the retrograde articles that prohibited public, homosexual expressions of affection; whereas another ecological up to date measure was the reformation of the Cuauhtitlan Izcalli municipal council that recognizes animal rights for the first time. In Zinacantepec, preferential measures were implanted for the sake of women, children and adolescents who suffer from violence.

Also, a categorization of major and minor offences was implemented; whilst Street vending, quarrels, and unauthorized alcohol selling will be considered as accessory penalties with up to 36 hours arrestments.

In Zinacantepec, it is mandatory to reorganize local commerce and adding restrictions to Street vending under the perspective of an enlargement to the current municipal market.

Equally, in Zinacantepec municipal traffic measures were implemented in order to improve public mobility, informs major Gerardo Nava Sánchez.

In respect of transparency, Metepec enhanced protection of personal information of citizens who report corruption.


On the other hand, Nezahualcoyotl City established a dissociation of municipal police of the unique control of security in the State of Mexico and forbids the opening of new alcohol-selling establishments and its licences.

Furthermore, Ecatepec, the most monstrous municipality in the State of Mexico, also decided to innovate by establishing its new municipal council for 2019, a new payment system on road offences that will be paid on cash pick-up locations but also will be provided with video recorded evidence.

In the meantime, Nezahualcoyotl stablished the householders' appearance in case of offences committed by an underaged; it is also banned to sell cellphones and medicines in public markets, whilst it is mandatory for pet owners to give a proper place for pets under penalty of sanctions.

Mary Delgado

Translator: Fabián Peñaloza.

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