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In Ecatepec and Nezahualcoyotl the insecurity perception increases

Also, the reports of incidents with gunshots and people implied with violent acts grow up


In Ecatepec and Nezahualcoyotl the insecurity perception increases

In the principal cities of the State of Mexico, the insecurity perception still being high and almost generalized between the population with a 93% in Ecatepec, of 81,9% in Nezahualcoyotl and of the 82.3% in Toluca. In the last city, the indicator has been decreased in a little but constantly.

Contrary to Ecatepec and Nezahualcoyotl, the insecurity social perception increased again from March to June. According to the poll ENSU 2018 from INEGI, in Toluca, capital from the entity, the insecurity perception reduced from 84.8% to 82.3% in the same period.

The report from the INEGI, states that the insecurity perception still being huge in the women case with 79.6%, meanwhile in the men’s side was 71%.

And highlighted that from 2016 it has generated representative estimates per city. In June of 2018, the cities with a large percentage of people of 18 years and more, considerate that living in their city is insecure were: Reynosa, Fresnillo, Cancún, East Region of the Mexico City3, North region of the Mexico City and Ecatepec de Morelos, with 97.2%, 95.8%, 94.1%, 93.7%, 93.7% and 93% respectively.

In terms of the places where the population felt more insecure in June 2018, 83.1% expressed feel insecure in the ATM located on the streets, 75.7% in the public transport, 70.5% at the bank, and 67.8% in the streets that usually use.

Witnessing of criminal or antisocial behavior (knowledge).

The poll ENSU from INEGI also revealed that during the second quarter 2018 the percentage of the population that expressed have seen or listened antisocial or criminal behavior around of their houses were: thefts and assaults 66%, alcohol consumption on the streets 65.7%, vandalism in houses or business 52.1%, sell or drug consumption 45.2%, frequent gunshots with weapons 39.5% and violent gangs 35.5%.

In this case, it should highlight an increase of more of 4 percentage points between March and June, where the population has witnessed or listened to gunshots of a firearm.

According to the second quarter of 2017, increased 4.6 percentage points for the witnessing of frequent gunshots with weapons, 3.1 percentage points for sell or drug consumption and 1.8 percentage points the witnessing of thefts and assaults. And in relation to the first quarter of 2018, the vandalism decreased by 2%.

The implication of citizens in violent acts increase.

The three cities with a major percentage of a population of 18 years and more, that reported have had conflicts or clashes were: the west region of the Mexico City1 80.6%, the south region of the Mexico city2 74.1% and the north region of Mexico City 63.6%. In the meantime, the cities where obtain the fewer percentages of conflicts between the population were: Piedras Negras 14%, Tapachula 21.3%, and Tampico 2.4%.

From the population of 18 years and more, that recognize have had conflicts or clashes in a direct way due to incivilities in their environment, 74.8% expressed that these conflicts were with neighbors. Meanwhile, the 37.3% said have had conflicts or clashes with strangers on the street.



By: Tere Montaño. Translator: Pamela Ortiz


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