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April 23, 2019
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April 23, 2019

Three thousand old parishes protect historical heritage

The parish priests and the communities are in a difficult situation to preserve these goods


Three thousand old parishes protect historical heritage

In Almoloya de Juarez there’s a small parish from the XVII century, which almost every three or two years, it changes the colour of their really old walls, and it combines with live bright colours. This way, in less than a decade, the walls have changed from white, red, yellow and peach color, to be ad hoc, there are also some people who remember the church in green, because the church is always to the taste of the people.

Inside the parish, there’s a historical treasure, as in other three thousand churches from the Estado de México, which consists of XVII and XVIII century altarpieces, and there’s even a baptismal front from a century earlier. Besides from statues made in wood, which are the eldest sacred art in Mexico.

All this historical heritage is being protected by the priests and the community. Although, they receive some money from the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) to preserve it, the means are not enough for everything, said the priest Jorge Rosas, who is spokesman of the diocese in Toluca, but also has lived in flesh the difficult situation that the priests have in order to preserve those places. Always along with the communities.

On an interview made in his office in the city centre, he said that if the community and their ways of the organization were not there, the temple would fall apart, and would be empty. Because another problem they face to preserve the temples, besides the lack of money, are the thieves, alone or organizations, who are specialized in sacred art.

Translator: Vanessa Gutiérrez
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By: Tere Montaño


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