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December 17, 2019
December 17, 2019

From retirement

The importance of the self-protection in violent times


By: Marco Alejandro Cen Nava

Consultant in Security, Regulation, Administration and Damage Control. Certified by ICITAP, as instructor, evaluator and Designer of Training Plans and Programs. 23 years of experience in Justice Procurement, Public Security, Corporate Security. Admirer of the Human, faithful believer that love is the most powerful engine of humanity. alex.cen79@gmail

From retirement

Today we live in a country where every 100,000 inhabitants 37,807 have suffered a criminal accident and in the Estado de México every 100,000 more than 50,000 have been victims of crime, number very similar in Mexico City according to figures of INEGi of the year 2018 and it is increasingly common to find ourselves faced with assault scenarios, robbery in its various forms, vandalism, without neglecting the gender violence that each day has more victims, this from isolated attacks, passing through serial and even in the closest circle of victims. Thus, today the authority is exceeded because a large part of its protocols are not sufficient to deal with emergencies due to inexperience, disability or indolence, the preventive public security bodies in their municipal and state areas have been exceeded and do not have the characteristics to protect and serve effectively and efficiently the various sectors of the population, which makes it urgent and imperative that each man or woman in this country take measures that mitigate and prevent being victims of a crime through awareness and adoption of new culture in terms of protection.

While it is true that it is obligation of the state to guarantee security and public peace, it is also true that everyday life this does not happen and is far from materializing at least in the short and medium term, so business, companies, public and artista figures have chosen to have private physical security systems and devices from armored vehicles to the use of trained and armed guards that supply the police function, as well as the implementation of technological systems (security cameras, intrusión alarms, panic buttons, among others),

However, for the majority of population it is not an option to use any of these elements, both technological and physical security, so dear reader these recommendations are intended to be of help for personal protection.

Become aware of the protection of physical well-being. Many times we are not able to measure the vital risk in the face of an attack or assault. Feelings of frustration, anger, loss and helplessness mobilize decisions that put the victim´s physical and emotional health at risk. It is necessary to avoid confrontation as far as possible try to evalue the options without exposing yourself to major dangers.

Extreme care in possession and use of weapons. In an attack or assault at home it is very important to have any element that could be a weapon in shelter. It is important not to make routines visible and alternate at least every month our routines in order to reduce the most predictable and not give a planning tool for a crime.

Take precautions that reduce the chances of an assault, for example, do not use the cell in public thoroughfare, also carrying bags or purses firmly or across the body, not showing wallets in purses or pockets, much less showing money in cash in public places. It is recommended that computers or laptops do not remain a simple sight inside a vehicle. The rods for frills and alarms are deterrents at the time of a robbery. Do not talk about your income or post addresses or photographs of your homes and work on social media.

Neighborhood Organization. It is very important that the neighbors know each other and have each other´s contact information, as well as handle the pólice cell pone in charge of the quadrant, sector or region of both the municipal and state pólice. The neighborhood organization should not be complex, rather it should be simple and effective. Therefore, when there are prolonged absences at home, inform the neighbors to help with the withdrawal of correspondence, lighting, among others. Also scratched on walls or gates it is convenient that they be immediately erased in order to avoid the existence of codes or signals.

Know the places of risk and the most common times and days for the crime. Crimes have strong patterns and concentrations in time and place. For example, at specific times and dayssuch as weekends, days called fortnight for staff working for wages and salaries among others. Do not encourage the purchase if there is no clarity of origin. One of the reasons why the theft of cell phones, computers and tablets exists is because the opportunity arises to sell such godos in the informal market.

In the car. It is important to act defensively, drive with the insurance activated, notify the arrival at the destination in the near future, observe if there is an unknown car near the parking place. In case of being a victim, do not oppose resistance, ensure that there is no physical risk for any of the passengers without exposing themselves to a greater aggression.

Caring for children and the elderly. Do not send children under 15 to the store, to shop or leave errands that involve leaving your home without the accompaniment of an adult, preferably two, in shopping centers and parks do not divert attention and always keep the dress the children, do not allow tumults or outsiders to approach them, always use bright colors in their clothing to be easily identifiable, teach them to shout if someone touches them or asks them to go with them, listen to their children, much of the child abuse is committed by friends and family of minors. Teach your children to memorize their address and the name of their parents or caregivers, for teachers and executives of public and private schools, it is enough with the erratic policy of leaving children off campus if they arrive late to the College that puts them in high condition vulnerable. In the case of the elderly, do not allow them to go out alone at night without the person who takes care of them, as they are prone to accidents or to be robbed due to the decrease in physical abilities due to the passage of time.

Individual Public Transportation If you use mobility platforms such as UBER, DIDI, CABIFY or Radio Taxis, verify that the person and the plates of the vehicle match, that it does not divert the route and if possible maintain your location in real time on social platforms such as Wats App or Messenger, With someone of complete confidence.

Crime prevention is everyone's job. It is recommended to discuss these issues and family advice, analyze routines and behaviors, and establish family protocols. Also, talk at school and at work to identify risk situations and look for protective factors.

Get to know who is around you and if you can help, take care, let's go back to the good practices of united neighborhoods, where friendships were even stronger than some family relationships, the result will be highly helpful.

Please, hug yours tightly.


Translator: Víctor Manuel Colín Esquivel

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