IMSS will apply 3 million 500 thousand vaccines during first National, Healthcare-Week
March 20, 2019
Toluca Town Hall will provide support to Mexican National Guard
March 20, 2019

Rally at National Palace because of homicides

Activists demand guarantees in order to preserve the right to defend human rights, freedom of expression, journalistic exercise and Justice


Rally at National Palace because of homicides

The violence rates against human rights defender and journalists have been increasing worryingly after only 100 days within the agenda of the New Mexican President.

Samir Flores Soberano – an indigenous human rights activist and founder of the Amilcingo 100.7 FM Community Radio- the main promoter of the organization against the construction of a Gas Pipeline in Morelos and the whole Morelo’s Integrated Project was recently murdered. Another 14 human rights activist and journalists have been murdered up to date since the beginning of the new regime in Mexico last December.

Translator: Fabián Peñaloza


By: Staff


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