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agosto 10, 2020
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agosto 10, 2020

IEEM makes adjustments to your 2020 budget

During the 3rd Ordinary Session, adjustments were also approved to the Annual Program of Activities and the extension of the appointment period of the members of the Academic and Editorial Committees


IEEM makes adjustments to your 2020 budget

7 de agosto de 2020

In the 3rd Ordinary Session of the General Council of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM) the agreements related to the adjustment to the Expenditure Budget for the fiscal year 2020 were approved. The adjustments to the Annual Program of Activities, as well as the expansion of the appointment period for those who are external members of both the Academic Committee and the Editorial Committee of the Electoral Training and Documentation Center.

In such a way that regarding the agreement to adjust the Expenditure Budget, for the year 2020, the budgetary movements derived from it were reduced by an amount close to 15.5 million pesos, in accordance with the amounts redistributed and assigned by spending chapter and budget item.

The foregoing based on the application of preventive measures derived from the health contingency of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to protect the health of the IEEM electoral public servants, as well as those who go to its facilities; a factor that had an impact on the timing of the execution of various institutional activities and an adjustment to the budget to be exercised.

Likewise, due to the reforms to the Electoral Code of the State of Mexico, which establishes that the beginning of the next ordinary local electoral process that would take place the first week of September of the current year, must begin in the first week of the month of January of the year. corresponding to that of the election, motivated the adaptation of the 2020 Annual Activities Program, and therefore, the budget foreseen for this purpose was adjusted.

Likewise, and based on the previous foundations, the Agreement for adjustments to the Annual Program of Activities for 2020 was approved, so that of the 313 scheduled activities

They modified 56 in part of their wording, in the goals and / or in the programming months, as well as eliminating 15, to finally be integrated 298 activities.

It should be noted that the proposed adjustments do not compromise the execution of the purposes that the IEEM has constitutionally and legally entrusted to the IEEM, they may also be modified if any legal or regulatory provision requires it, if their own needs arise for the proper development of activities, due to measures adopted by public health authorities, or derived from any provision issued by the National Electoral Institute.

The session also approved the agreements to extend the appointment period of the external members of the Academic Committee, as well as the external members of the Editorial Committee of the Electoral Training and Documentation Center.

On the other hand, in addition to giving an account of the Activity Report presented by the Executive Secretariat, at the request of the Electoral Counselor, Sandra López Bringas, an item was excluded from the agenda, regarding the draft Agreement that would issue a response to the consultation formulated by the National Action Party, on April 30, 2020, since it is known that the state Legislature is evaluating some legal reforms on the question of the consultation, for which it was approved to postpone the discussion for another session.

Finally, Electoral Councilors and Counselors, as well as representatives of the political parties with accreditation before the Institute, expressed their agreement with the proposal of a political party (PAN) to hold a special session and thank the termination of the mandate of three members of the Council: the Councilor María Guadalupe González Jordan, and the Directors Saúl Mandujano Rubio and Miguel Ángel García Hernández, who will conclude their term on September 30th.


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