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Discussion of the Law to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Defenders starts

Law to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Defenders


Discussion of the Law to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Defenders starts

6 de agosto de 2020

Members of the legislative commissions of the Interior and Constitutional Points, with the Social Communication Committee, began the discussion of the Law for the Integral Protection of Journalists and Human Rights Defenders of the State of Mexico.

Deputy Azucena Cisneros Coss, the proponent of the initiative, said that it is urgent that there be a legal framework to protect those who exercise communication and the defense of human rights in Mexico.

She reported that the Law has been built over two years, through multidisciplinary work with groups of reporters in the area of Los Volcanes, Texcoco, Nezahualcóyotl, Ecatepec, Naucalpan and in Toluca.

In addition, the vision of national and international organizations was included, such as Article 19, the Zeferino Ladrillero Human Rights Center, the Legislature's Social Communication Committee and is based on United Nations recommendations on the matter.

“There have been a series of exercises with groups of journalists and human rights defense organizations, secretariats of the State government. It is a law that has been enriched, and that starts from the principle of promoting and facilitating coordination and participation between the federal, state, and local governments, to undertake measures that guarantee the life, integrity, and safety of journalists and human rights defenders " Said Cisneros Coss.

The project includes various legal obligations at the request of the executive branch, autonomous bodies and municipalities to guarantee full freedom of information.

She stressed that the Executive Coordination to operate the State Protection Mechanism will be in charge of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and not of the Ministry of Government, as initially proposed.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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