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Del Mazo spends 21 times more in advertising than in Alert for Feminicides in 2019

He repeats the history of 2018, allocating more than 600 million pesos to advertising spending


Del Mazo spends 21 times more in advertising than in Alert for Feminicides in 2019

May 21th, 2020

In 2019, Alfredo del Mazo Maza spent 641 million 280 thousand 600 pesos in publicity and official propaganda, which means 21 times more than what was allocated to mitigate the Gender Alert, implemented in eleven municipalities, before the new alert for the disappearance of women was decreed.

The advertising expenditure of the Mexican president was almost the same as that exercised in 2018, the year in which spending 121% more than originally had been budgeted.

To mitigate the gender alert in eleven municipalities, in 2019 only 30 million pesos were budgeted. According to the “global programmatic advance” of the 2019 Public Account, which was delivered to the Local Legislature, the administration continues to invest more in the image of the president and in publicizing achievements, government progress or programs, than in other key issues for a more egalitarian development in the entity, such as feminicidal violence.

Spending line 3600 called "Communication and Advertising Services" for 2019, included on page 12 of Volume III, indicates an approved budget of 671 million 768 thousand 900 pesos, with an expansion of 25 million 80 thousand 600 pesos, in said item.

Subsequently, the same item, had a reduction of 18 million 805 thousand 400 pesos, to be a modified budget in communication and advertising services for 678 million 44 thousand pesos, to finally be in a budget exercised by 641 million 280 thousand 600 pesos.

It should be noted that this expense was heavily criticized by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), which monitors the way in which resources are exercised throughout the country, as well as public policies, laws, regulations and everything related to the public thing.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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