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June 4, 2020
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June 4, 2020

Power to the Center

From limited government and legislative action in the face of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic in Edomex


By Ma Teresa Montaño

From limited government and legislative action in the face of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic in Edomex

Power to the Center

Three months after the health contingency was declared in Mexico and in the face of its terrible balances in human and economic losses, neither the government of the State of Mexico nor the Local Congress have managed to efficiently articulate a support mechanism for families with fewer resources, which unfortunately are the vast majority (57% to be precise), to get out of the domestic crisis (multiplied by millions), which grows deeper with each passing day.

Circumstances and contexts, demanding more than ever, almost instinctive institutional reactions and despite the declarations, as always, of good results, it is time that miles of Mexicans sink into the despair of unemployment and poverty, while neither deputies nor government, landing nothing, if not fewer, the paralysis resulting in considerable political, economic and economic benefits as well.

With each passing day and as the numbers grow disproportionately, a rate that can also increase (in the last 24 hours alone, 600 more infections were reported than the previous day and 100 additional deaths). We continue to wait for the extra-ordinary measures that are necessary to get out of trouble, but not for large or medium-sized companies, but for the citizens of a pie (merchants, entrepreneurs, and micro-entrepreneurs, mainly women), who have lost their jobs.

We are talking about families that no longer count for weekly despair and have no income at all, but who also make up that 60% of the informal economy today so hard hit by social immobility. Twelve weeks have passed and there is neither unemployment bonus, nor redirected budget cuts, nor any other program to rescue the microeconomics of this entity.

In this context, more than plausible are the efforts made by members of the local 60 Legislature who had renounced their diets to donate them in the distribution of disbursements and supports. However, given the size of the tragedy, the limited voluntary measures, since what it is about is to generate authentic public policies that in emergency circumstances operate automatically and forced to the rescue of the most vulnerable sectors and that is not being achieved.

On the other hand, it cannot fail to identify that this pandemic makes it emerge as never before that the social support policies implemented throughout the last five six-year periods in Edomex, when used and specific for electoral coercion, have not served as a basis for implementing far-reaching and "precise shot" institutional actions in a genuine state of emergency such as the one now in progress, at the peak of the emergency. Or if that is just what was expected ... transform a tragedy into a political opportunity, let's just put on the table what Alfredo del Mazo is doing with the water in Ecatepec.

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