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March 5, 2020
March 5, 2020

Even the cops are afraid;76 murdered in Edomex in just two years

Attacks on police officers increase in Edomex and the country


Even the cops are afraid;76 murdered in Edomex in just two years

March 2nd, 2019

Alejandro is one of the 3,000 cadets, who incorporated the municipality of Toluca, to surveillance work since last year, although without a gun, without tactical equipment, without a bulletproof vest and with practically nothing, more than his need for work. He knows that at any moment, he can be the victim of an attack and even of a criminal incident that prevents him from returning home and eventually returning to school to make a career in form.

This cadet of only 20 years old, leaves early from his colony located north of the capital, only with his lean uniform, a small backpack, and some lunch to occupy the cruise that he has been assigned in the day, and leaves also aware that Toluca is among the four cities reported by INEGI in Edomex, with greater perception of insecurity, so it is possible that any morning, any, maybe the last.

His mother Hortensia from indigenous origin knows it, for that reason every time his son puts the first foot away from home to go to work, she gives him a big hug, crosses him and entrusted him in God.

Recent data indicates that in the entity police killings have been increasing. In fact, the State of Mexico is located in the second place in the whole country, where the police, both state and municipal, are at greater risk of suffering attacks or dying in the line of duty.

A study of "Common Cause" revealed that between 2018 and January 2020, 76 police officers were killed in the Mexican entity. This number is only surpassed by the police officers killed in Guanajuato in the same period, with a total of 145 attacks, with an upward trend in 2019 in that entity.

In the case of Edomex, of the 76 police officers completed, 47 were killed in 2018 and 23 more in 2019, while in January of this year alone, another seven uniformed men had already lost their lives due to manslaughter.

According to the Common Cause organization, in Guanajuato 66 police officers were killed in 2018 and another 73 in 2019, while during January 2020, another 9 were victims of murder.

In third place is Guerrero, with 72 police officers killed; Chihuahua, fourth, with 66; Michoacán, 59; Jalisco, 56 and Puebla 53, all in the same period from January to January 2020.

Common Cause raised this count from a follow-up of journalistic notes, prepared with the support of journalists, located in various parts of the country, experts in security and justice issues.

It should be noted that in the same period, at the national level, a total of 953 police officers were counted.

The organization says that at the national level, the greatest number of fatal attacks on police officers has been against municipal uniforms, with 482 homicides in the period indicated; while 413 victims were of state order and 58 of federal jurisdiction.

Likewise, most of the murdered police officers have been preventive (755), followed by ministries (136), transit (40) and prison guards (22).

The report also highlights the fact that in many entities in the country, cases go unpunished and the widows of police officers killed in conditions of total vulnerability, without the support of any kind and exposed to risks.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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