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Activists want to close the process of not installing the GN in La Pila Park

After having been canceled the project which was intended to place the GN in the park, the members of the “Let’s embrace La Pila Park” movement hope to end this legal fight


Activists want to close the process of not installing the GN in La Pila Park

February 4th, 2019

This issue has not seen an end in its entirety and even more so with the interview given last week by Mayor Gabriela Gamboa, where she stated that the City of Metepec does not have land available for the installation of the GN in the municipality apart from La Pila, due to the fact that in past administrations, various land divestitures were carried out which were subsequently auctioned.

Subsequently, she said that regarding the response given a few weeks ago by the Commander of the 22nd Military Zone, Humberto Flores to the collective “Let's embrace La Pila Park” that the project was already canceled, she has not been officially notified of the done.

TheObserverJournalism interviewed Diana Bobadilla, a movement activist, who said that in her meeting with Humberto Flores, and coupled with her response that such a project was canceled, she hopes to end this issue where the voice of citizenship was asserted and that it turned out victorious.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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