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NO”: Gamboa to girls who ask him to reconsider park demolition

Response of the Panista-Morenista mayor almost two months later: the small activists rejected all the mayor’s arguments


NO”: Gamboa to girls who ask him to reconsider park demolition

January 15th, 2019

In response to the official letter delivered by children to Metepec's municipality to “reconsider” the demolition of Las Pilas Park and deliver it to the National Guard, Gabriela Gamboa, answered almost two months later in a negative way, assuring that she “maintains firm hand in the installation of the GN in the site ”.

She even added that they would be the most benefited. However they, the aforementioned, rejected him.

This Wednesday a press conference was held at the “San José La Pila” Park, held by the girls Paulette “N” and Diana “N”, spokespersons belonging to the activist group, accompanied by family members. Some mothers attended their children to demonstrate their impetus in the defense of the park and in the fight for their environmental rights and the ones who regularly go to this green area.

It is worth mentioning that the trade presented by children and adolescents, in which they requested the search for another space for the installation of the GN, was delivered to the City of Metepec on November 28, 2019. However, this was answered until January 8th of this year.

In this regard, activist children reject these proposals, considering them unsafe for the journey, and also consider that the transfer time is excessive.

Another point that stands out in its response is the town hall is the lack "archaeological, artistic or historical value", without considering the environmental, cultural and community value it has for children and adolescents in the area, as well as for their family, in addition to highlighting the baseball diamond, which is publicly accessible, and the same has been maintained thanks to the volunteers in cleaning and care.


Translator: Martín Caballero


By: Victor Jimenez


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