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December 17, 2019
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One year after the new government and its fourth transformation, political polarization is increasing

The rise of López Obrador to the presidency, was built with the historical fight of many organized sectors


By: Marco Antonio Ortiz Salas

General Secretary of the Coalition of Democratic, Urban and Peasant Organizations. (CODUC in spanish)

One year after the new government and its fourth transformation, political polarization is increasing

“My fight is not that of class hate, because i think love is much stronger politically than hate. I prefer to love than to hate, because if i hate the one who opresses the subjugated peoples it may be that i hate him, because i am the one who wants to opress them when my turn comes, but if i love the subjugated people and therefore i do not allow anyone to press it, the feeling of love is stronger than that of hate and i believe that the revolutionary struggle has to move the love and not hate”
Ing. Heberto Castillo Martínez

Whithin the first year of the government of Andres Manuel López Obrador, Friday, November 29, everywhere hundreds and hundreds of calls were being made by the organizers of the march against the policies of MORENA and López Obrador. The problem were clear, there was no power to call and the response from groups and opinion leaders was nil. Particular leaders of the “opposition” parties (main organizers of the march) made all kinds of attempts to convince other sectors to attend the mobilization, even the leaders of peasant organizations were asked to participate arguing the need for demonstrate the opposing force towards Andrés.

The rejection of the majority of the groups to participate in that march, particularly CODUC (An organization of farmers) were overwhelming. At least in the peasant sector our position has always been clear: peasant organizations feel unfairly beaten by AMLO´s position to reject the dialogue that has been demanded since the electoral triumph. In the exercise of this government, we have rejected the policy of individualizing social programs on the grounds that peasant organizations receive resources for the countryside without their reaching the peasants. We have also demonstrated with solid arguments that the public policies of the SADER are far from solving the great problems of the field, since they are neoliberal in nature. Even, like several expressions of collectivity, we have protested against the budget of disbursements 2020 whose cuts undermined many of these groups , and, from our point of view, the main affected are the peasants.

However, the above, we have stated in different spaces of opinion that organized peasants do not search for a confrontation with the president, we do not want the government to go wrong, quite the opposite! We are the first interested in Mexico doing well because the rise of López Obrador to the presidency of the nation, was built with the struggle of many organized sectors, including the peasant. Who we represented to the agriculture, not only make use of our constitutional right to express ourselves in a peaceful way and in various ways, despite AMLO´s refusal to listen to us, but we also do it because, who we trust and vote for him, we are the first forced to demand the fulfilment of the pending subjects in all the headings, as well as the consolidation of the democratic change.

For that reason our movement is very far from the political groups that seek to destabilize the country. We do not detract from their freedom to express themselves their feelings towards the government, however, there is no coincidence with their proposals, although we recognize that some of their demands may be fair. Above all, there is no coincidence with the leadership of the PAN or the PRD. Now it turns out that who have been complicit in the sexennia that generated poverty and marginalization, today intend to establish themselves as true democrats concerned with the future of the country.

Today these parties turn to the peasants, not because they are interested in our struggle, but because they are aware that we have built a bond with society that is strengthened every time we go out. Despite the repeated disqualifications of the president, the people recognize and legitimate our movement because it confirms the authenticy of our demands , although that causes the irritation of many who are now in the different orders of government. Therefore, with the singular despair, today they turn to us who yesterday left us in abandonment. A clear example of the PRD, a party that we founded and built together with million of Mexicans on the left and who turned their backs on the democratic peasant struggle from the pact for Mexico with Peña Nieto. That forced us to give up that political institute in our quest to build an instrument of our own open, plural and inclusive political participation where ideas about tribes weight more.

However, political polarization affects all sectors, and, in Mexico, it is being paid on several fronts, starting from the fourth transformation speech to the blurred political opposition. If this continues, a second year of complicated government awaits us and more for the peasants of this country. This forces us to generate as an organized movement, new form of struggle and participation in which we achieve one of the main objectives of our movement: to transform public policies for the countryside and eradicate the neoliberal model encysted in power from Salinism and now represented in fourth transformation by characters like Alfonso Romo, head of the office of the Presidency.

Like many groups we are organized. We come from the culture of struggle and effort, we have presence and bases in all the states of the country, we are legitimate movements. Therefore, in the case of farmers, our struggle agenda will continue along the way of building dialogue, always with the idea that this country is doing well. To those who insist on joining us to thin the political environment and destabilize the country, we make our position clear: we are not partakers of the soft blows or makeup, Mexico does not need a movement that expresses hatred against the government , Mexico needs a movement that loves to its people and that is organized so that they all do well and there, in that construction we will be the peasants.

Contact: Luis Tovar

Cell Phone: 55 30 58 61 83

Translator: Víctor Manuel Colín Esquivel

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