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December 5, 2019
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December 6, 2019

Masquerade The dance of the masks

Three things that the Right cannot get over a year of the fourth transformation of the Government


Masquerade The dance of the masks

By: Ismael Rojas Escobar

Three things that the Right cannot get over a year of the fourth transformation of the Government

The Mexican Right doesn´t cease to stir up the political debate confusing, distracting, exaggerating, lying and spreading rumors to confuse, gain preferences and thus approach again to feuds that had been making use for decades: national incomes and the budget; the assets of the Nation; the control of relevant sectors such as labor and education.

There are several facts that hurt conservatism, but i will comment four not to extend.

Let´s throw the masks and say clearly and directly: the law is affected because it will no longer handle the budget that by 2020 will exceed 6 billion pesos, which is a large amount, fortunes, which previously used them to benefit their neighbors, in addition to assigning elements for the control of the legislative and judicial powers, likewise, organizations such as the National Electoral Institute, and the National Commision Of Human Rights.

1.- The Right doesn´t exceed stop managing the budget; it was its goal, all that money -within its neoclassical and later neo-liberal economic philosophy -should not be distruted- wasted- in basic benefactors such as education and free public health; on roads that weren´t quota and built by friends; in social assistance to vulnerable groups.

Discussing with some economists, they don´t conceive that the State can help relegated groups such as indigenous people, peasants, the poor, and even those who don´t find employment.

For them it is as if the money was thrown in the trash, because their doctrine dictate that each person must cover all their needs with the money they earn in their workday and should not be given a penny of all the wealth generated by the State and which in the case of Mexico are beastly amounts of money: No! That must be channeled to businessmen to generate wealth and many jobs, .according to their theory that in more than a century they have never achieved it.

2.- The fourth transformation put a brake on the exploitation of the Nation´s assets such as mining, oil, telecommunications, transport and all kinds of public assets that did not report income for the country, that worked poorly in hopes of having even more advantages or that simply had not been taken advantage of as some oil contracts that did not produce a single barrel.

The assets of the Nation are still being exploited by a handful of businessmen who now in addition to have to pay taxes, their contracts will be reviewed, and in their case they will be canceled to be managed by the government in benefit of Mexicans, as with Pemex.

It hurts that they can no longer control the concessions and cannot deliver them to friends to handle it without restrictions. So much hatred on the part of businessmen towards Napoleón Gómez Urrútia is not free, but that issue is the subject of another analysis.

3.- It hurts the Right that they no longer have control of the educational policy, which they keep behind for decades and that it was only for those who could afford it, as mandated by their economic theory that classifies us as a peripheral country.

Education was their dogmatic tool, a way of controlling the population so the students dreamed foreigners and despised the national. They won a small army of the poor who fiercely defend their exploiters. They had nightmares with which nationalism was resumed.

The health sector also hurt to release it, already for the juicy business that was to administer to the great institutes; and for the diversion of resources by various infamous ways that ended up almost killing the Mexican Social Security Institute and others.

The laboral sector was another hit their pride, because the fourth transformation stopped and reversed neo-liberal reforms that ended up sending the worker and their families to misery, within a fall free of loss of benefits over almost four decades.

Their main allies the unions are in crisis, because its leaders have already fled and are required by justice or, they don´t take long to fall because there is no longer anyone who overlaps their scandals.

4.- The above hurts, but what hurts them the most is that the people withdrew to the presidential aristocracy: in their pride it burn for feeling superior in social class, beliefs and race. They hate, they can´t avoid it, they shout it in cafes, in their jobs and don´t even say it on social media: a poor Indian in the National Palace! Again? Their ancestors suffered the same in every period of history from Independence until 2018 in which the conservatives were defeated by the vote. Always the same arguments, the same ambitions and the same derogatory way of conceiving society.

Undoubtedly there are many changes that the conservatives overcome and moves them to undertake stubborn attempts to win back, blinded by their severely hurt pride.


Translator: Víctor Colín

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