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CDMX offers a public apology to victim of “fabricated crimes”

Lorena González was accused of leading a gang of kidnappers and plagiarizing the son of an entrepreneur; with this act, the reparation of the damage to this federal ex-police begins


CDMX offers a public apology to victim of "fabricated crimes"

October 10th, 2019

Executive and Judicial Powers of Mexico City offer a public apology to Lorena González Lorena González Hernández is the victim of arbitrary detention, fabrication of guilty parties, roots, and various human rights violations. Therefore, the Attorney General and the President of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City offered him a public apology.

The apology is part of the comprehensive reparation measures established by the CNDH in Recommendation 64/2018 and constitutes the first step to repairing the damage suffered by Lorena González after her arrest in 2008.

The video that was presented in the public apology

Mexico City on October 10, 2019. Ernestina Godoy Ramos, Attorney General of Mexico City, and Rafael Guerra Álvarez, President of the Superior Court of Justice and the Judicial Council of Mexico City (TSJCDMX), They offered a public apology to Lorena González Hernández for the human rights violations they perpetrated against her.

On September 5, 2008, Lorena González Hernández was illegally and arbitrarily detained at the Federal Police premises - where she worked since 1995 - in compliance with a filing order issued by the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF). Sometime later, Lorena would learn that he was accused of having participated in the kidnapping of the son of an important Mexican businessman.

To show that they were able to have concrete and rapid results in the investigation of the kidnapping of the businessman's son, the local authorities fabricated Lorena's guilt: she was accused and prosecuted for a crime she did not commit, was rooted for two months and then sent to incommunicado detention. In addition, Lorena was exhibited at a press conference, as one of the leaders of the kidnappers' gang, who was responsible.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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