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October 8, 2019
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October 8, 2019


The Electoral Councilor of the IEEM, Miguel Ángel García Hernández, indicated that 39 Mexican municipalities are headed by women; In the Chamber of Deputies of the State of Mexico there are 37 Deputies; and, at the Federal level, 241 Deputies and 63 Senators were elected



October 7th, 2019

Currently, in Mexico, laws allow women to participate in politics, vote and be nominated for popular election positions, thus recognizing their ability and talent, but obstacles to their full incorporation into decision-making must also be removed. , said the Electoral Councilor of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico, Miguel Ángel García Hernández, when giving the conference “The importance of women in the public sphere”.

Before teachers and administrative staff of various schools of the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Mexico (CECyTEM), he indicated that in the nineteenth century there was a social prejudice that women should only attend private matters, their home and family ; Meanwhile, political participation was intended for men, so the constitutions of 1824, 1836, 1857 and 1917 only recognized the right to vote and hold a public office for the male sector.

He pointed out that Elvia Carrillo Puerto was recognized as the first Local Deputy of Yucatan in 1923; in 1954 Aurora Jiménez de Palacios was the first elected Federal Deputy, that same year Clara del Moral de Lara would also be Deputy of the State of Mexico; by 1964 María Lavalle Urbina and Alicia Arellano Tapia were Senators of the country and María de Los Ángeles Moreno was appointed President of the Senate in 1998.

The Electoral Councilor of the IEEM said that derived from the 2014 electoral reform, political parties have the obligation to run as candidates for popular election positions the same number of men and women, so it will be more common to see Municipal Presidents, Deputies, Senators, and Governors.

He said that currently the state of Sonora is governed by a woman; Zacatecas, Tlaxcala, Colima, and Puebla have had Governors; Yucatan already had two Governors and Mexico City has had two Heads of Government.

Regarding the results of the 2018 elections, in the State of Mexico, he highlighted that 39 municipalities are headed by women, including Atizapán de Zaragoza, Chapa de Mota, Donato Guerra, Ecatzingo, Isidro Fabela, Metepec, La Paz, Tultitlán and Zacazonapan Meanwhile, in the LX legislature of the entity 37 of the 75 seats were for women (22 Deputies of relative majority and 15 by proportional representation) representing a percentage of 49.3%.

In the Federal Chamber of Deputies there are 241 Deputies (141 by the principle of relative majority and 100 by proportional representation) representing 48.2%: In the Senate, of the 128 seats, 63 were for women, that is, 49.2 per hundred.

It is worth mentioning that the conference has been given to teachers and administrative staff of the CECyTEM campuses of Coacalco, Ixtapaluca II, Jilotepec and Toluca.


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Translator: Martín Caballero

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