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October 8, 2019
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October 8, 2019

Health audits are arranged to hide embezzlement 2018

In presumed complicity with external offices the GEM, the audits change “to the taste of the Office of the Comptroller


Health audits are arranged to hide embezzlement 2018

The 2018 Financial Statements of the so-called Popular Insurance in the State of Mexico, were negotiated with a private firm hired by the state government, which first gave them a negative rating and a subsequent approval, for which they altered the original figures - list of suppliers, items and amounts, at the convenience of the secretary of health, ultimately responsible for the millionaire funds he received from the Federation last year.

In parallel and in response to various requests for information submitted by this Portal, the secretary of the comptroller ordered to classify as “reserved for 5 years”, the audit opinions on alleged embezzlements registered in the Popular Insurance of 2017, when Alfredo del Mazo was elected and almost simultaneously the health resources in this entity disappeared.

According to the “preliminary” and final financial statements to the 2018 REPSS financial statements and whose copy this Portal obtained, the firm Crowe Gossler SC, previously hired by the Mexican Comptroller's Office of the Comptroller, delivered a first adverse report to REPSS 2018 finances, dated February 11, 2019 in Naucalpan de Juárez, with the signature of the public accountant and partner of the firm, Jaime Díaz Martínez; one month later the "approving" version is issued.

To perform the audit of the financial statements, the REPSS would have paid 243 thousand pesos to the office, according to the response of the request for information 000287REPSS-IP / 2019 submitted to the agency, notwithstanding in a previous request, 026 / REPSS- 10/2019, the agency denied having hired the company and in 00027 / REPSS-IP / 2019, said it paid 217 thousand pesos to the same firm in 2017.

In any case, the document, from page 1 of the Financial Statements Audit Report or preliminary, issued an “Unfavorable Opinion” to the REPSS accounts in 2018. The REPSS, so that it is better understood, administering the federal resources that the Mexican government received during the past six years to attend to the health of the Mexicans.

On the basis of the “unfavorable” opinion of the financial statements of the Mexican REPSS in 2018, at least three points stand out: the existence of debt to suppliers for an amount of 595 million 29 thousand 700 pesos, of which “we were not provided with the documentary evidence; two, there are expenses in the category of services with third parties “for an amount of 1,594 million 49 thousand 800 pesos, without supporting documentation. And in point three it is indicated that “the information and documentation of the state in which various legal matters of labor, commercial, civil, agrarian and administrative nature are not provided”, so the office indicates that it could not make sure the possible commitments and contingencies that may exist at the end of the year. This in relation to diverse debt.


Translator: Martín Caballero




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