September 18, 2019
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September 22, 2019

UTVT sailing aimlessly

Among improvised, stolen places and corruption, the UTVT sinks


UTVT sailing aimlessly

The Technological University of the Toluca Valley (UTVT), faces one of its worst moments, with the gradual dismantling of some of its various academic bodies; influence peddling to favor people or companies close to the current PRI president; improvisation in key positions by untitled employees, overpriced purchases, favoring companies and looting of resources allocated for full-time teaching positions, via aviators.

The latter has severely affected the educational quality of more than 5,000 students, crammed in groups of more than 50 because the places available for teachers have been diverted for other purposes.

According to various sources consulted, the collapse of the institution began when the former candidate for governor in 2017, Antonio del Valle Carranza was appointed in office by Governor Alfredo del Mazo, without compiling the profile required by law, although With a long career as a tricolor electoral operator.

Given the multiple complaints that began to come to the writing of The ObserverMex for a year and a half, the portal's investigation team decided to track some of the complaints, in order to determine their veracity. The irregularities detected, start just with the appointment as rector of those who did not meet, or meet to date, fully, the requirements set by law to fill the position.


In November 2017, just four months after Alfredo del Mazo arrived at the administration, the executive appointed Del Valle Carranza as the new “rector” of the UTVT, without the nominee covering the most important profiles established by the law.

Del Valle Carranza, after operating politically from the PRI of Toluca and the Tricolor State Steering Committee in the elections of 2017 and 2018, arrives at the rectory without professional titles and with no experience in the academy at a higher level, something that required and continues demanding the law that creates the organism.

The decree issued by the Local Legislature of the State of Mexico on September 3, 2001, through which the “Technological University of the Toluca Valley” is created, states in its article 15, that to be rector of the UTVT it is required: to be Mexican citizen; be over 30 and under 70; have at least a professional bachelor's degree, preferably in any of the careers offered by the University or in related areas and "recognized professional merits."

Notwithstanding the foregoing and according to a copy of the curriculum record obtained by the Portal, the PRI at the time of taking office, only had diplomas, courses, and an unfinished master's degree. The bachelor and teacher degrees were obtained this year.


Perhaps because of the above and having arrived without degrees or academic experience at a higher level, many of the best professors with consolidated careers and extensive experience have been discharged since November 2017, when they arrived at the position. It is estimated that no less than 30 professionals have been displaced by people close to the manager, also placed in strategic positions and also, like him, without titles.

The rector's goddaughter, the psychology intern, Karla Cecilia Nava Ayala was appointed as head of the cultural activities department; Ernesto Rivas Rivas and Yessica Solis Cru were not located by the Portal and were identified by students and staff who requested discretion, such as “aviators”; while Irina Belem Reyes Rojas, as close to the rector, with revenues of around 20 thousand pesos per month, but without specific work, only sporadic visitor and with full-time Professor position.

Jesus Agredano Zarza, with a teaching position, is the private secretary of the rector and Vìctor Maccise Estefan, the rector's trusted staff, the second without attending regularly.

Also on the 2018 payroll, Adrian Alfonso Palafox García was identified, whom nobody knows or remembers as a full-time professor.


The places for Full-time Teachers, so coveted apparently in the UTVT, are not only stolen by airmen and people close to the rector, but there is also a record that they were displaced from the academy to favor administrative staff.

On the other hand, a review of the contracts for direct allocation that the UTVT has carried out in the last two years, resulted in purchases at premium prices between 30 and 60%; contracts altered by hand with aggregates of sums and foreign acquisitions, such as the purchase of fumigation services from a construction company; rent of screens for a day for more than 59 thousand pesos and more recently, payments for strange services that were checked with “deliverables”, in the purest style of the so-called Master Scam.

Purchases of events were also detected at a firm called "Mexicanísima, Cultura para el Desarrollo", whose partner - executor of the contracts - is the daughter of the rector, named Betsabet Del Valle, among many other irregular purchases.

Translator: Martín Caballero


By: Unidad de Investigación de The Observer, Periodismo Y Verificador del Discurso Público


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