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Vultures fly over Argentina: Furious speculators over the defeat of neoliberalism



By: Ismael Rojas Escobar

Vultures fly over Argentina: Furious speculators over the defeat of neoliberalism

The way the markets in Argentina reacted after the overwhelming defeat of Mauricio Macri, surpassed by the progressive Alberto Fernádez in the primary elections, was wild. As we said here a few weeks ago: the global financial institutions are gangsters that have the misión of bending governments and their peoples.

Why are banks and rating agencies afraid that kirchnerismo will return to power? Why another payment moratorium? Why does the Argentine peso continue to devalue against the dollar? Morgan Stanley lowered its debt rating on Monday, which helped the worst stock market crash since 2001 when De la Rúa decreed the freezing of accounts to prevent capital flight.

Financial organizations discharged their fury towars the Argentine people for daring to turn their backs on neoliberalism and allow the return of the progress of the current of Cristina Fernández, who still faces the “lawfare” that is the judicial and media persecution with charges invented against a popular personages, as happens with Lula or Rafael Correa.

Mexico had more strength in general terms to face international banking and its predictions about economic storms, which vanished in a few days, and that the opposition did not know how to use that in its favor because of its lack of political expertise, that were only painful attempts for scaring the population.

Southern country did not run with the same luck, because its economy is severely entangled by tentacles of these global speculators, that on Monday caused its currency to devalue 14.8%, The stock market lost 37%, government bonds fell 6.1% and millions of dollars in reserves are lost.

Being sincere and free from media dogmatisms, risk rating agencies and global banks showed their fear of the arrival of someone who will take measures that do not favor their business as Macri did. It bothers them that national wealth is no longer channeled, that the key is locked for them and opened to the majorities. It bothers them that people who placed are taken out of the government and no longer have anyone to take care of their interests.

In real terms the economic technique is below the political economy, in wich it works with measures that should be qualified as mafia and inhuman, because they put the power interest and money above the needs of millions of Argentines who impoverish every day.

The "vultures" fly over Argentina and its people have in their hands a new opportunity to tear them down, be enforced before the world and resume the path of growth.


Translator: Víctor Colín

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