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Poisoning of dogs increases and so it does the disappearing on the Nevado

Five days since the phenomena started, the investigations hasn’t been done


Poisoning of dogs increases and so it does the disappearing on the Nevado

July 9th, 2019

Until now, the number of poisoned and disappeared dogs on the facilities of the Nevado de Toluca, there are now over a dozen. Nevertheless, the complaints made before PROFEPA and PROPAEM, no expert or public servant has gone to the place to open an investigation.

According with a tour made this morning and part of the afternoon by The Observer Mexico on the affected area, the environmental engineer Angelica Hernandez confirmed that none of the organizations has open any investigation for this second case of massive poisoning, the first one was in 2015.

During the walk of the facilities of the area known as Dos Caminos we could confirm that the neighbors of limited resources that live in the area couldn’t find at least five dogs they used for farming works, shepherding or just for companion.

Besides, we witnessed the dying of another dog, who dies in matter of minutes after having eaten a toxic or poisoned food that could find on any of the spots of this beautiful setting. Which is surrounded by farming zones and little woods, we are talking of the hillsides of the volcano at a medium altitude at 3 thousand meters over the sea.

Farmers and homemakers that live in these cabins confirmed to this media the disappearing of their domestic and farming dogs. Some of which, keep being looked for since the weekend.

On the other hand, the engineer Angelica Hernandez confirmed that she presented both complains before the PROPAEM and PROFEPA because she is one of the affected people with two dead dogs and another two that are missing. However, she also confirmed that none of the public servants of these agencies has come to the place to open an investigation or to lift any evidences.


Translator: Vanessa Gutierrez


By: Mary Delgado


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