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July 19, 2019
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July 22, 2019

IEEM committed on making new voters

From April to June 2019, the Dirección de Participación Ciudadana from the IEEM made 25 chats to new voters, made five civic scholar days, two exercises civic-democratical with electronic devices and an informative chat about values


IEEM committed on making new voters

July 8th, 2019

With the objective of attracting new mexiquense citizens so they know the importance of chosing their authorities and overtake them on the electoral processes. The Instituto Electoral del Estado de México makes chats to students of high school and universitie, also makes exercises civic-democratical with electronic devices.

It is worth to mention that the previous activities are part of the promotion of the civic culture on scholar evironments on attention to the Estrategia Nacional de Cultura Civica 2017-2023 (ENCCIVICA) made by the Instituto Nacional Electoral.


Translator: Vanessa Gutierrez

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