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Power to the Center

About the performance of the mayors six months after their arrival and the changes that are coming in the OSFEM, excellent opportunity to make history and reserve the looting schemes, but can they?


By: Mary Delgado

Power to the Center


About the performance of the mayors six months after their arrival and the changes that are coming in the OSFEM, excellent opportunity to make history and reserve the looting schemes, but can they?

The Estado de México is going through one of his worst and best moments in recent history. In the midst of paradoxes it faces an incomparable political context to make history and leave a legacy, but on the other hand, a decisive moment that for many is a time to do business.

The scenario of the great changes and of the great setbacks posible in this historic moment for the entity, is in the Congreso Local where times of definitions are approaching. The legislative agenda is practically ready for the next regular period of ordinary sessions that begins on july and unfortunately not all will be with citizens, in fact, the position of some deputies is already so clear -even of the “bruises” as AMLO would say- that simulating it would no longer be so obvious to them.

The central theme will focus on the great opportunity to define new rules on audit. The departure of the head of OSFEM, after 10 years of unfortunate performance has its positive side . What the deputies of the LX Local Legislature do or do not do, especially about Morena, in this area, will determinate what can happen in the next months and years in an entity such as Edomex, where corruption has taken everything. Institutional erosion due to systematic looting in some áreas is inconceivable.

The sectors of health, education and public woks, have become the gold mine for almost a decade for governments and PRi officials, who without any shame, have taken everything. Medicines, hospitals, highways, schools, roads; in direct adjudication , purchases, tenders or without them, the simulation, triangulation and subtraction of resources -transforming them in some cases from public to private-, has reached levels of scandal. And nobody has said, nor done anything.

The institutions themselves (such as the OSFEM or the comptroller´s secretary) and even laws, prepared to prevent corruption and looting, have been drawn up in a way, adjusted to avoid sanctions and perpetuate impunity.

The results of the review of the public accounts issued by the Auditoria Superior de la Federación (ASF), in the last four years at least, there is no doubt of the previous , while an a decade the OSFEM has only served to absorb resources how well they could sabe themselves.

And we do not exaggerate. The most dramatic case that recently documented this Portal, has to do with the ISEM. A two-month investigation allowed us to verify the level of looting and corruption, with implications of senior officials. Even ex-governors and governors are implicated in these strategies of looting guaranteed and tolerated by high officials.

The question is wheter the legislators who will be responsible for defining new rules and entities in matters of oversight will have the necessary determination and the courage to do so. Will be able?

And to leave…

At the end of the first semester of the management of the new municipal administrations, there are advances and setbacks. Although one does not want, it is almost imposible not to make the assessments and contrasts.

Fortunately not all is bad news. Some municipalities such as Ecatepec, Ocuilan, Zinacantepec, Nezahualcoyotl and San Mateo Atenco -except for some details- are giving interesting surprises, the latter in environmental matters as Zinacantepec and Ocuilan, in forest battle.

Notable councils full public square, alliances with ordinary citizens, security strategies that seek to take hold with the advice of their neighbors in each area, plus direct assistance in neighborhood emergencies, as occurred in the case of the Nevado de Toluca -With the massive poisoning of dogs-, among other items, is giving good results.

In Ecatepec, after suffering with the last two governments of the tricolor in which the municipal government was paralyzed, feminicides and generalized crime were triggered, Morena not only gave the electoral surprise, it begins to give results in the most worrisome item, the security. The first results were known by the INEGI in its urban survey, which reports a recovery of public confidence in this area, while in May it reported a more reliable decline in car theft and this weekend, with more data consolidated the reduction of 30% in this crime, a 32% increase in arrests and a 17.17% reduction in homicides, with respect to the same period of 2018.

If the figures are confirmed by the Secretaría Ejecutivo Nacional de Seguridad Pública (SENSP), Fernando Vilchis could be outlined without problems for a promising political future, especially when on the horizon, there is clearly no strong candidate to succeed Alfredo del Mazo, However, although some want, like Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez who have quickly dedicated themselves in a few months to plundering the people who gave them the victory.

Other mayors are figuring, that of Ocuilan, for the PRD, it is positioning itself strong for its just environmental struggle, it must find an echo and it must be soon, although the strategy of demanding from AMLO, without first demanding from Del Mazo, opens many doubts and suspicions of a possible orchestrating of the PRI behind his campaign, should definitely change the strategy; in Nezahualcoyotl, the PRD Juan Hugo de la Rosa, although he is widely recognized in his locality, this time he was not well positioned in the ranking of mayors of Mexico, check the note here by the Portal.

Until next time.


Translator: Víctor Colín

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