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July 10, 2019
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Between earthquakes and campaigns, the collapse of the health sector

2ª installment


Between earthquakes and campaigns, the collapse of the health sector

Internal reports from the Instituto de Salud del Estado de México (ISEM), related to the “delivery-reception” of the change of government. It has been revealed that the current Secretary of Health Gabriel O´shea Cuevas had detailed knowledge of the disappearance of resources in 2017, which would have included not only shortages of medicines and debt with more than 70 suppliers, also suspension of payment of income, and the most serious, the non-payment of policies in the infrastructure insurance, which caused the earthquake of september 19, the collapse .financial-definitive sector.

There are at least three documents -one of them a complete file-, which confirm the disappearance of resources during the year 2017, the year of elections to renew the governorship.

An Audit of the Contraloría Interna del ISEM, dated October of 2017, regarding the change of administration, sized up the size of the inconsistencies in the agency's finances and even proposed the financing of responsibilities against those likely responsible for the embezzlement, whom it identified fully- and evidence the Fiscalia Epecializada. None of that happened, as we presented in the 1st installment of this work.

However, other internal documents and documents delivered to O'shea Cuevas by the same dates and of which this portal has copies, make a detailed inventory of the main parties affected in the excercise of the same year that was about to conclude and that their resources ended up disappearing.

Translator: Víctor Colín



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