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June 30, 2019
Sale on public roads of cell phones, beer and spare parts is banned
July 2, 2019

Staff of the city council now assaults reporters

Two photojournalists are attacked by public servants who continue with the siege police against merchants


Staff of the city council now assaults reporters

July 1st, 2019

Two photojournalists, a woman and a man, were assaulted by city hall staff in the center of the capital, while trying to document the siege and eviction against merchants by the municipal government headed by the Panista-Morenista Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez.

The facts were registered shortly after noon at the side of the municipal palace, when Jorge Alvarado correspondent of El Universal and Crisanta Espinosa of the Cuartoscuro Agency, were violently assaulted by several individuals who identified themselves as inspectors of the municipal government and went along with Another large group of men, looking like plainclothes policemen.

Crisanta was the first to be attacked by the municipal public servants, when she covered the eviction of potato chippers in the area. The subjects were assumed as employees of the municipal government according to witnesses.

When the photojournalist was seen, the individuals began to harass her. So her partner, Jorge Alvarado intervened to demand that they leave her alone. However, he was immediately hit and kicked.

During the assault the inspectors broke his glasses when he hit him in the face. when he tried to protect himself, he was severely reprimanded with more kicks and punches. Citizens who were passing by, began to raise their voices and start a whistle to stop the aggression.

Both journalists later reported that they would file a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Mexico and also filed a complaint with the organization Article 19, which is dedicated to documenting the attacks against Freedom of Expression throughout the world.

Meanwhile the city council has not issued a single statement. Only the social communication coordinator, named Marco Aguilar, said it was good to report the individuals responsible for the attack.

It is worth noting that in the last month, the assaults of police personnel and inspectors of the city council of the capital, have intensified, against street traders, who have been purged with severe beatings and evictions, led by Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez.


Translator: Martín Caballero


By: Mary Delgado


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