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July 2, 2019
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Favorable economic model change



By: Ismael Rojas Escobar

A year after the defeat of those who felt the "masters" of Mexico

Many celebrate the first year of the change of economic model that will be recorded in history as the end of a dark period of almost four decades and the beginning of a new period that we hope to be growth, dignification of Mexico and its inhabitants, as well as social and human development.

As if it had been a bitter nightmare that began in the mid-eighties with Miguel de la Madrid when he began to adopt the economic liberalism that brought and almost sent to the attic the social liberalism driven by Cardenismo, now many Mexicans see a better perspective of lifetime.

On July 1 2018, the triumph of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was overwhelming and there was no black campaign to stop him; on the contrary, the boycott made his opponents lose votes, which were added to the tabasqueño. A population tired of being cheated and a free communication channel such as social networks buried the intentions of the neoliberals to stay in power.

The right or the conservatives-speaking in historical terms-did not resign themselves to losing power again, as happened at the end of the armed independence movements to date, and they insist on degrading and disqualifying every step and every word that says López Obrador: each action is decontextualized and propagandized around using his communication team with which they have always counted, reducing itself by the way.

The "technocrats" came to light as at the time the self-styled "scientists" of the Porfiriato, just as arrogant, but with much less results because they ruled badly the six years of Enrique Peña.

Those who "dominate the technique" have a very peculiar vision: they assure that from the free market Mexico generated wealth, growth and a better quality of life. Surprise their optimism and i would like to have the glasses with which they see our reality, because where many see social backwardness, they see panoramas like those of Finland or Norway.

I must admit that the intense and millionaire propaganda campaign convinced a good part of the population that the current government is making bad decisions, which ones do not really know but they repeat letter by letter what they were dictated from all possible spaces, especially the press.

A year after July 1st and seven months of formal government of Lopez Obrador the change of economic model was a wise decision, despite the aggressive scenario and the storms that were coming from the powers that severely affected their interests to close the key to "leonine" public contracts, concessions, budget management and, in general, all the excesses to which they were accustomed.

They bleed their eyes and ears because López Obrador daily maintains a direct dialogue with the press and answers without filters; that channels resources for social programs that are delivered directly as well as to the elderly and training for work - that with bad intention they called it "ninis" -; Do not squander fortunes on luxuries and do not be ostentatious; that he cut the "chayotes" to several hundred journalists who charged fortunes covered in internet pages that nobody visited; that their way of communicating is direct and not interpreted by journalists, that is to say, the deceptions are over.

The list is enormous, but one that stands out and that few understand is that it does not give importance to the threats of the international rating agencies, and less to the national ones, because he knows that they are gangsters that historically have played a role of extortionists so that the governments do what they and the international bank say, on the contrary dared to make fun of them and say they are wrong in their auguries.

Without a doubt, a period begins that many of us do not think we see because of the insurmountable barriers that the neoliberals put up to perpetuate themselves in power; perhaps they did not count on their own voracity, arrogance and their "autism", to take them out of government and with little chance of recovering in the medium and long term.

A year after the first of July we began to emerge from the obscurantism in which it had sunk those who felt like masters of Mexico.

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Translator: Víctor Colín

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