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June 30, 2019
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Power to the Center

What could be playing in exchange for freeing the FEFOM resources and the de facto triumph of the PRI and the PAN in Toluca and Metepec


By: Mary Delgado

Power to the Center


What could be playing in exchange for freeing the FEFOM resources and the de facto triumph of the PRI and the PAN in Toluca and Metepec

The political moment facing the Estado de México is complicated and dangerous. After the dizziness of the triumph of Morena that lasted from july 2018 until the first dream months of this 2019, after time, the waters begin to fall and leave exposed the firm ground on wich the real games begin.

The positioning of the block of Morena against the retention of resourses of the FEFOM, on the part of the government of Alfredo del Mazo, will be key so that the municipal administrations under the sign of Morena, snatched to the PRI, in the past elections , they are consolidated.

The government of Alfredo del Mazo, however, could be using the delivery of FEFOM resources for important municipalities such as Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla, as currency in other key issues that could even have a national impact: maintaining absolute control of OSFEM impose the successor of the current holder, since it represents not only the total control of the management and simulations -coverage of corruption and deviations-, in the state public expenditure, but also and specially sexennial impunity.

The question, however, they tell us, is not what is at stake, but the amount of the currency of exchange…

We are talking about a moment of arm forces in the mexican political sphere.

In other scenarios some pseudo-morenistas who won the elections in the shadow of AMLO have not lost time and from practically the second month, they brought up a “hidden agenda” that nobody knew. The problem is that these agendas were agreed behind the backs of those who massively gave them the vote. The most visible cases of this painful phenomenon could be those of Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez in Toluca and Gabriela Vargas in Metepec, who have operated without any flush, for the repositioning of political and business elites close to the PRI, the PAN and the government of the Estado de México -with all the elements of rapacity and corruption that represents- and just for what the citizens voted against and massively. We voted for the offer offered by the current president of the Republic, not for the particular agendas of the external municipal candidates, today mayors.

It´s clear that we are -in some municipalities, especially in the capital-, against scenarios of ursurpation of the facto power, in favor of the elite groups of the PRI and PAN that lost the elections at the polls, as result of priístas and panistas operators with double game and double agendas.

The integration of the newly appointed citizens council of Toluca, with the usual power groups, some severaly questioned by cases of corruption or linked to corruption cover-ups, is clear and dangerous sympton of the ursurpation of which we speak.

But what is the underlying reason for the double play of JUANRO? Our sources consulted agree: JUANRO wants to be governor, and wants to be, at all costs.

To leave: I strongly draw attention that in the recent visit of the president of the republic to the municipality of Ecatepec, the boos and reminders against the governor Alfredo del Mazo, are symptomatic of the refusal that he awakens, especially since it is the largest municipality in Latin America and with the largest number of potential votes. A monumental municipality… monumental whistle.

Until next time.


Translator: Víctor Colín

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