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June 17, 2019
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UNCOVERED network of probable espionage of the PRI in Ecatepec

A fiber optic cable is connected from the government building to the PRI property located a few meters away


UNCOVERED network of probable espionage of the PRI in Ecatepec

June 17th, 2019

The government of Ecatepec detected a telecommunications network from the municipal palace to the headquarters of the municipal PRI. Consequently it initiated a denunciation of facts before the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM). So that it investigates probable improper use of municipal resources and even espionage.

The municipal president, Fernando Vilchis Contreras, ordered that a criminal complaint be initiated for these events in order to carry out computerized surveys and investigations in order to determine possible unlawful acts.

When realizing the reengineering of the telecommunications network of the city council. The area of Technologies of the Information of the installed municipal government discovered in the roof of the municipal palace that a communication link of optical fiber goes to the building of the PRI of Ecatepec, located in street Pedro Moreno, one block from the government building.

The wiring goes from the municipal building directly to the newly remodeled partisan building, which is located at a distance of 30 meters. Employees from that area explained that a box of fiber optic links, belonging to the Telmex company, is installed on the roof of the municipal palace of Ecatepec. This provides service to the town hall, and from there a fiber optic line that reaches the Building of the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

They added that they will make an opinion to identify if there is diversion of resources and even espionage due to the inadequate installation of the equipment, which provides internet services and telephone lines.

They mentioned that apparently the communications services of the Municipal Palace have been shared with external users. So confidential information could be subtracted from the municipal archives, which is the result of poor management of previous local administrations.


Translator: Martin Caballero

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