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Power to the Center

From harassment to press in Edomex and reporters banned by Del Mazo’s Government


By: Mary Delgado

Power to the Center


From harassment to press in Edomex and reporters banned by Del Mazo’s Government

The celebration of the Dia a la Libertad de Expresión, comes this year with negative balances at the beginning of the federal administration. With at least eight reporters killed on the country between December and today. While on the state, the scenario is not better, and can be a lot worse to the ones that make a questioning and watchful journalism on public power, a fundamental task that gives the journalism its weight on modern democracies and to which people should not and must not quit, ever. Because that is the labor, nothing else, is the one that explains its origin and nowadays gives value and social dimensions.

It has been talked a lot about the dangers and risks that the journalists live on many states of the country, since the change of administration, as a result of the political readjustments and its complicated relationships with the other real powers. The result is a blast of violence against the representative of the communication media on different states of the country.

We talk about ways of violence; nevertheless, on different places of the Estado de Mexico, the ways of violence against freedom of expression and the right to inform freely, another human right, have taken treacherous ways.

The catalogue of this bad habits and exercise of power against media in Edomex is wide and has many variations, although a single source, the public authorities. When Morena had the power of most of the 125 and the Local Congress, people had the expectations of an important change, but this hasn’t happened, having some exeptions on opening more the computer management, in some other cases all the things remain the same or have been roughened. The most proximate case I know is Metepec, where personally, I have been excluded from the board of journalists.

I remember, last March, I asked for an appointment, with the person they left in charge of the area of social communication, Daniel Beltran, to give them my corresponding credentials, since, the previous administration, from the PRI, had erased me from the board, and he was, as well, discriminating me. Even though, he gave me an appointment, he left me waiting for two hours, in front of a banner on his office that says, free sexism area. He never arrived. The secretary was embarrassed. Today, the discrimination is still going further, which confirms that the PRI is still operating that office, and indeed, it controls Metepec’s municipal government. He is from the PRI. It is not weird, in my case this kind of exclusion and institutional gender violence, because on Eruviel’s government I published the business of the former governor, Cesar Camacho with the government of Carolina Monroy, and through an enterprise from the former governor, meant to give counsel. And also, the nexus between the famous Roll Royce, with one of his protégées-Jair- inserted on David Lopez’ Government.

The previous is just an example but also, on the state, I have encountered very aggressive ways of institutional violence made by the coordinator of social communication but most of all, his sidekick, with horrible phone calls to women, with threats, that unfortunately, don’t stay as that. These threats are to frighten the journalist for having wrote something or have said an opinion, or, bravely dare to ask something that is considered inappropriate according to his weird way to comprehend journalism.

On the Article 19th, have been documented some of this incidents with the victims. Other ways of harassing the press in Edomex, have to do with do campaigns discrediting the people they think that have not done things their way. These harmful and treacherous campaigns consist in giving internal reports of waning. Between areas of the government, coordinators of social communication, political parties, and congress representatives, eve from Morena and some other political parties, public workers, and journalists, from the PRI, so they stop giving information or having working relationships with the victim. These, under false accusations, which look for dismantle their prestige, and, at the same time, stop the critic work, they make.

This indirect and harmful banning spreads, accusing the reporter of publishing lies or false information. On this campaigns, also, and unfortunately, participate coworkers and people who write. The first ones, are the ones that benefit the most of the advertising contracts and extralegal supports, they usually receive personally.

Another way of harassment that has been improved the administration of Del Mazo, besides from the boost greatly of the illegal payments with a minimal fee of 10 thousand pesos, the co-optation of strategical workers on the own redactions, including, in some cases, chief editors, chief of section and even, directors. To whom also are transferred payments or are paid in other ways, with positions to relatives, and even, teaching some classes on UAEMéx, or on other institutions.

Reason why, the general picture for the next years does not do any favors to the human right of expression. Most of it, because even though, the color of the city hall has changed, and most of the council offices did too, the PRI and PAN are still de facto controlling, most of it, or almost everything.

In spite of this, I send a solidary hug, to my partners, hardworking and brave. To the other ones, nothing.


Translator: Vanessa Gutierrez

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