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June 13, 2019
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June 13, 2019

In “Human Chain”, they ask for help in Ocuilan against illegal logging

The forests of the Lagunas de Zempoala are reduced at an accelerated rate


In "Human Chain", they ask for help in Ocuilan against illegal logging

June 12th, 2019

Students, children, housewives, peasants and workers, carried out this half day, a "human chain" in the wooded municipality of Ocuilan. In that place the mayor Felix Alberto Linares, made since the weekend, an intense campaign against the devastation of the forests of the area, devastated by groups of illegal loggers.

The mobilization was made in the face of what they consider the "indifference of the authorities" to curb intensive illegal logging.

Authorities of Ocuilan reported that the forests are disappearing at a rate of 3% per year. So this morning they sent a call for help to the federal authorities -not directly citing Governor Alfredo del Mazo- to stop what could be considered in brief an "ecocide".


Translator: Martín Caballero

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