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The Yeti from Toluca, the man of the snow cones

A Little bit of history


The Yeti from Toluca, the man of the snow cones

June 11th, 2019

There was 1964, when Rodrigo Sanchez Montes de Oca, a 17 years old boy, decided to start on his own a business of ice cream. Profession, which awaken interest on him, thanks to the family tradition and the times he helped his big brother to make the product, but most of it, he did it with enthusiasm and move forward. He did it with a great attitude, in a time, where Toluca was not the best to live in, but, generally, the issues of health, security and comradeship were well known for the foreigners.

People was happier back then, he remembers, you could hardly find cases were there were envy or antagonism. Even though, you find another person with the same profession, you did not see the person as a rival, but a coworker. A person with you could share the same activities and maybe the clients, Rodrigo claims. The man who founded one of the more traditional and acceptation brands in Toluca, due to the harshness traditional ways in which the products are still being made.

He remembers that back then, when he began being an ice cream maker, he used to walk a lot with a kart of handmade ice creams from the Colonia Sanchez. In Texcoco Street, where the first ice-cream parlor that his family had, was. And, in fact, is still there. The kart was his only company on many walks. There was room for only four flavors of ice cream, all of them, with no exceptions, the favorites of these clients. Reason why, all of them, sold out. The flavors he mainly had on the kart were mammee, lime, chocolate, pine nut, eggnog and walnut. Every day, making different ones. And if we go further on what the clients loved, what the kids most like is chocolate, , vanilla, strawberry, eggnog, bubble gum and grape flavor. While, the adults, mostly enjoy the lime one.

Rodrigo claims that the ice creams have been always made with natural fuits, some of them depend on the season, as the guava, the peach or the tangerine, and some others that can only be bought in a certain season. Which is important, because he says he needs to be careful and to be precise to reach the success on making the ice cream and then refrigerating it.


Translator: Vanessa Gutierrez


By: Víctor Jiménez González


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