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The dark of the Light of the World

Reports of corruption, violations and detours mark the history of this controversial church


The dark of the Light of the World

June 8th, 2019

By Agustín Lozano

Mexico, (Notimex) .- What began as a donation or a simple gift from the ex-Governor of Jalisco, Marcelino García Barragán, ended in an emporium of power for a congregation called La Luz del Mundo.

Founded in the year of 1926. This sect found in Eusebio Joaquín González, his great patriarch and spiritual leader.

The controversial group was born during the so-called "Cristero War", where the Catholic faithful sought to avoid limiting their worship and experiment in other ecclesiastical areas.

It was during the presidency by the then governor of Jalisco, Marcelino García Barragán (1943-1947), that Aarón Joaquín received 14 hectares as a gift. A land that he already occupied but it was not regularized.

In the year of 1993 the Church was recognized by the Secretariat of the Interior with the key SGAR 7/93. Being president of the Republic, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

The Light of the World was the seventh organization to be registered as a group or church. It was then that the figure of Naasón Joaquín García emerged, who called himself an apostle of La Luz del Mundo. However, today he is prisoner in a California jail.

It should be noted that Naasón Joaquín was born on May 7, 1969; From the age of 14 he led a group of young people in the church and as a teenager he was sent as a missionary to Spain and Portugal.

Throughout 22 years he was minister of his church in several cities of the United States.

In 1983 the main temple of the Light of the World began to be constructed and the work was in charge of the architect Leopoldo Fernandez Font. Officially the majestic construction concluded in the year 1990.

That building has a capacity to accommodate 12 thousand people, while in its large basement can fit three thousand. This temple was officially opened in 1993 and from that moment it was a symbolic reference of the city of Guadalajara.

The colony located in the municipality of Amozoc is built on 14 hectares and surrounded by a steel perimeter fence, whose main entrance is more than four meters high and has the acronym of NJG (Naasón Joaquín García).

The leader of La Luz del Mundo himself was in charge of inaugurating what the apostle of Jesus Christ himself calls "megasantuario".

It has departmental buildings and in front of the central square there is a huge statue with the figure of Naasón in white color of a height of four meters. In the colony only the followers of that sect can walk freely.

After 90 years of history, La Luz del Mundo has more than 15 thousand temples. Naasón Joaquín García is currently a prisoner in California and he is facing 26 charges for different crimes of sexual abuse, child pornography, rape and other crimes related to sex with his parishioners. Many of them minors.

They are also implicated and detained as accomplices of Naasón Joaquín García: Susana Medina Oaxaca, Alondra Ocampo and Azalea Rangel Meléndez.


- End of note-



Translator: Martín Caballero

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