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May 28, 2019
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GEM keeps unfinished health and education constructions in Tlalnepantla

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GEM keeps unfinished health and education constructions in Tlalnepantla

May 26th, 2019

Inhabitants of the municipalities of Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla demanded that the Government of the State of Mexico conclude the construction of the General Hospital in the East Zone of Tlalnepantla, which has been delayed for more than five years and affects thousands of patients, as the Valle Hospital Ceylán is still out of operation because of damage from an earthquake.

During a tour with the local deputy of District XXI, Faustino de la Cruz Pérez, affected neighbors asked for his intervention to get their demand to Governor Alfredo del Mazo.

In a letter addressed to the Mexican president, is detailed that since 2011 it was decided to replace Valle Ceylán General Hospital by the General of the Eastern Zone, whose construction would begin in 2012 for a cost of 382 million pesos and would begin operating in 2014.

Elba Lobo Padrón, one of the affected, asked for the reopening of the Health Center with hospitalization, "Jorge Jiménez Cantú", which was closed two years ago. Ingeniería Integral, S.A. of C.V.

The deputy Faustino de la Cruz noted that the works of the General Hospital is unfinished, while the construction of the Professional Studies Unit takes an advance of 70 percent, so it would be impossible to conclude for the next school year. As well as the Health Center is closed and there is no date to return medical service to the inhabitants.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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