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May 16, 2019
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IEEM invites to combine democratic values and theatrical art

In order to encourage democratic culture


IEEM invites to combine democratic values and theatrical art

May 15th, 2019

With the objective that children and teenagers from 6 to 21 years express values like respect, tolerance and plurality through a theatrical performance, meaning, how they experience democracy on their daily life, the Instituto Electoral del Estado de México invites them to participate on the 7th theater exhibition about democratic values, Liliana Martínez Garnicia the Directora de Participación Ciudadana stated.

During her participation on the program Detrás de tu voto, she referred that it is very simple to take part. Because the ones who are interested could do it, either from public or private schools, amateurs or not. They will be able to participate making a team of five people, and handing in an original script, with a duration of 20 minutes max, and to complete the registration. Which will be available ultim May 24 at 17:00 hours on the page: www.ieem.org.mx on the section of Eventos y Convocatorias.

Martinez Garnica also mentioned that it is a challenge to motivate the children and the youth on the combination of democratic values and theatrical performance. On which the citizen participation shows that is not just about the activities of the legislative assembly, but there are important aspects that must be taken into consideration to keep encouraging the politic and democratic culture on early ages


Translator: Vanessa Gutiérrez

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