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There will be discounted parties and independents, the cost of repainting walls

 Also by vinyl removal


There will be discounted parties and independents, the cost of repainting walls

May 14th, 2019

The general council of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM), approved to deduct the political parties, a total of 316 thousand 685 pesos, for the cost he made in bleaching fences that were used to make electoral propaganda during the elections of 2017 and 2018, but they did not erase.

In the framework of the third extraordinary session of the General Council of IEEM, President Pedro Zamudio Godinez, clarified that it is more than 700 fences, which were already "bleached", for which an external company was hired. it.

In an interview with the official, he mentioned that the political parties and independent candidates will be discounted, who also left fences without erasing or propaganda without withdrawing. Zamudio points out that these represent 1.57% of the total fences in the Mexican capital.

According to IEEM data, the PRI will pay 132 thousand 267 pesos; the PVEM, 72 thousand 594 pesos; MORENA, 41 thousand 820 pesos; the PAN, 36 thousand 319 pesos; the PT, 21 thousand 95 pesos; while Movimiento Ciudadano, must pay 8 thousand 26 pesos.

Additionally, independent candidates who incurred the same fault, must pay together, 15 thousand 666 pesos; leading the list Ricardo Rosado de la Rosa (5 thousand 125 pesos); Fabricio Herrera Solano (3 thousand 706 pesos); José Rubén Zamora Vázquez (3 thousand 281 pesos); Luis Miguel Ruiz Cruces (2 thousand 733 pesos); José Luis Cedillo Martínez (432 pesos) and Bernardo Ernesto García Estrada (386 pesos) to be reimbursed to the IEEM budget.

In reference to documents used for the elections, but which are no longer used and should be discarded, he said that a specialized company should be sought: "By provision of the Elections Regulation, we must look for a company that disposes of the material in an ecological or sustainable manner. form that represents an economic benefit to the Institute ".

"Every three months we will be checking if we have enough paper to destroy," he said.

He also mentioned that there were more than 700 spaces (vinyl or fences) that did not belong to any political party and that were not eliminated, so each party has to reimburse IEEM for the figures mentioned.

The official determined that this time, the company Bio Pappel will be responsible for the destruction of documents referring to the electoral processes of 2017 and 2018.

"They do not formally pay us for the material that is destroyed, but they return it to us as blank paper that we use for our daily activities," he ratified.

Scholar reporter

Victor Jiménez González


Translator: Martín Caballero

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