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April 11, 2019
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April 11, 2019

From North To South

Francisco I. Madero’s betrayal to Mexican people remains in our days


From North To South

By: Abigail Cisneros

Emiliano Zapata’s Legacy

The betrayal of former President Francisco I. Madero to the promise to return the land to the peasants was perpetuated during this century. The reality is that the dispossession continues and in the mournful centenary of General Emiliano Zapata, to be this April 10th, his legacy is the Ayala Plan validity, which wrote together with Otilio Montaño to guarantee the rights of land workers.

This anniversary is a mockery for the peasants, the Zapatistas and the descendants of the general shot in the Hacienda of Chinameca and betrayed by Jesus Guajardo. A hundred years of his struggle, persecution against social fighters continues, as is the case of Samir Flores, who opposed to the thermoelectric plant in Morelos and to the dispossession of land now legally done with the reforms to the Mexican Constitution. Only in the Enrique Peña Nieto’s presidency, it was recorded the murder of 184 human rights defenders, including journalists, according to a report by the Cerezo Mexico Committee (2018).

It is the energy, the oil and the mining sectors that most consume the Mexican territory. Canadian mining companies hold 77 per cent of the total concessions granted to foreign investors, and it is known that they are the authors of several violations of Human Rights, especially respect for autonomy, territory, the healthy environment and the right to the previous consultation, free and informed.

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