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March 24, 2019
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March 25, 2019

Abnormalities in the construction of the InterCity Train cost millions

Also, public treasury presents damages of more than 193 million pesos


Abnormalities in the construction of the InterCity Train cost millionsO

Principal Auditing Body in Mexico detected abnormal payments for over 745 million 476 thousand 503.36 MXN for Toluca-CDMX InterCity Train building project.

In its report of the Results of Superior Scrutiny of the 2017 Public Account, abnormalities presented on 22 observations, itemized for 2 million 38 thousand 900 MXN. Due to commissions from the payment of non-provided spare parts. Furthermore, there are 108 million 476 thousand 900 MXN retrievable because of the faulty integration of three prices out of inventory and difference of volumes for excavation works, capillary layers formation, primary coating, structural steel finish, 248 thousand 300 MXN due to low quality of the exterior raised floor and 24 extra million MXN for the acquisition of plots out of the right of way and without supporting documentation.

Other irregularities were observed, such as 94 million 800 MXN invested on the payment of Sundays as working days to the advisory services staff that was already part of the actual wage, also 28 million 705 thousand 900 MXN because of the difference in volume of concrete templates and foundation piles and 193 million 827 thousand 300 MXN owing to the authorization of payments unrelated to the construction schedule itself

Despite being a minor sum, some observations stand out for 3 million 158 thousand 400 MXN due to bad quality workshops and sheds, since filtrations were detected on the Prefabricated wall. Also, the concrete electric log does not stand up to the project’s standards and the asphalt layers do not comply with current requisites.

The rest of the observations were 27 million 161 thousand 200 MXN, since the greed criteria was not employed in the disaggregation contract of the supply of labour, translation and assembling of sidewalks in three processes; 68 million 233 thousand 200 MXN owing to a lack of accreditation of wastes out of the supplies, supplying and collocation of low voltage cable, 8 million 897 hundred 400 MXN in six concepts out of catalogue in which staff and laboratory equipment was included whilst there were already included in the contractual arrangements of supervision; 77 million 486 thousand 500 MXM, owing to the wrong authorization of a second keystones plant to increase Keystone production even though backlogs were contractor enterprise’s fault; 177 million 843 thousand 600 MXN, due to an omission of established costs in contract, in the integration of two prices out of catalogue referring to excavation works and tunneling machine, as well as excavation preliminaries and 25 million 304 MXN due to the lack of accreditation of sparing pieces supply.

Translator: Fabián Peñaloza


By: Hector Castañeda


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