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March 5, 2019
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March 5, 2019

UAEMex does it again, dissapears 325 million of pesos

Subcontract enterprises through FONDICT


UAEMex does it again, dissapears 325 million of pesos

Once again, the “Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México” (Uaemex), coordinated operations in order to irregularly, subcontract enterprises using public funds. To fulfill a contract of more than 325 million of pesos that DICONSA adjudicated through the FONDICT and leaving as a result, unfulfillment, violation to different rules and opacity on the application and final destination to the funds.

Adjudication was made by the same modus operandi that is already known as “La Estafa Maestra”. But now on the 2017 tax year, a forensic audit, made by the “Auditoria Superior de la Federación”(ASF), and identified with the number 2017-2-20VSS-12-0275-2018 confirms it.

Given that, as is pointed out in the audit to DICONSA, the contract and its parts were signed on December the 30th 2016. On this embezzlement would be responsible the former dean of the UAEMex, Jorge Olvera, and nowadays principal of the “Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Estado de México” (CODHEM) and his successor and cooperative on that time, Alfredo Barrera Who, indeed was trying to change the “Ley General” from the UAEMex in order to get reelected.

The results of the audit were given as part of the third revision to the public funds 2017.

On the records of the audit, it is clearly pointed out that during six consecutive years the ASF has reported diversion of public funds by means of direct allocation in which are identified irregularities as an alleged simulation of operations, assignation to entities that do not have the technical or human ability to be done. “Besides, of in most of the cases, the services were not done or were non-efficient, and it has been observed that the hired goods were not delivered”, he says.

Translator: Vanessa Gutiérrez


By: Ma. Teresa Montaño Delgado


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