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Morena alerts for omisions and failures in the projects in the first report of Del Mazo

Party’s bulletin


Morena alerts for omisions and failures in the projects in the first report of Del Mazo

September 24th 2018

Azucena Cisneros Coss, The president of the general committee of the LX legislature of the State of Mexico pointed out that the part of the Morena deputies will “take a close look” the first report of activities of the governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, by detecting inaccurate data and omissions.

She underlined that since a year of the state administration it doesn’t finish projects of huge impact which started the ex-governor Eruvial Avila Villegas and he put as an example the hospitals of Ecatepec and Zumpango that still are under construction.

She indicated that the Instituto de Oncología – the institute of oncology- located on the street José López Portillo, colony Emiliano Zapata of this place, that would benefit to 6 million of residents of the Valle de Mexico.

In the initial project the Instituto de Oncología would have 30 hospitalization beds and another 30 for chemotherapy to cater by year over 2 thousand 500 patients with prostate, cervical, colon and breast cancer, she said.

The legislator from Ecatepec informed that in the zone of the Valle de Mexico exist 684 thousand residents of scarce resources that don’t have social security.

But the project that started the September 9 of the year 2014, is canceled, whereby the parliamentarian group of Morena will demand the conclusion and functioning of the hospital to patients with cancer.

She denounced that in similar circumstances is the Hospital Comunitario Regional de San Juan Zitlaltepec –Communitarian Hospital Regional of San Juan Zitlaltepec- in the municipality of Zumpango.

The construction of the hospital started 5 years ago and nowadays still is under construction, that’s why the parliamentarian group support the lawsuit of the residents of that zone that demand to the governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, the completion and functioning of the medical center.

The deputy for Ecatepec remembered that the August 31 of the year 2013, César Gómez Monge, Secretary of the health of the Eruviel Avila Villegas’ government, collocated the first rock of the hospital, the one which was programmed to function after a year.

“Gomez Monge assured that the construction would have a cost of 110 million of Mexican pesos and would work with 18 beds. To attend to the inhabitants of the zone though it has passed 5 years and the project is stopped.”

Despite that Alfredo Del Mazo, a year ago assumed the government of the State of Mexico, “nor this hospital neither the old hospital are functioning, by not having consumables, medical personnel, adequate infrastructure, the patients die” She referred.

That’s why, the group of Morena demand to the governor of the State of Mexico, the completion of the project of the Hospital and renovate the Hospital de Piedra (as people know it) to give service to the elder people and don’t put to the pregnant women at risk.

She reiterated that in the current Hospital of San Juan Zitlaltepec, located in the avenue 16 de Septiembre, in the neighborhood of San Miguel de Zumpango, the inhabitants have reported that “ it doesn’t provide an adequate medical service because of the lack of personnel, there are not consumables and the equipment of 18 is not enough for the population of the zone” and that “caused the death of infants and mothers during the delivery surgeries".

The reason, whereby she informed that they going to solicit the appearance in the Congreso Mexiquense -Congress of the State of Mexico- of the secretary of health Gabriel O’shea Cuevas to explain why the hospital of oncology and the municipal medical center of Zumpango still are under construction.

It should be noticed that the last September 20, without assisting to the legislative place, Alfredo Del Mazo sent written his first report of government.

“The deputies of this legislation traveled all the State of Mexico and I don't exaggerate to say that we found a crisis of social and economic security”.

“We face a crisis of human right never seen before. The violence, the insecurity, and the femicides are out of control. The unemployment, the lack in health and the poverty are not being attended and the looting and the impunity in our state look like doesn’t have any limits” Cisneros manifested to answer before the First Report Priista.

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